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Guy Rescues Two Abandoned Puppies From the Desert and Goes on Epic Road Trip

You sir, are an inspiration!






They say a dog is a man’s best friend, and this is quite true especially for people like Jordan Kahana. One day, he was cruising around a remote road somewhere in the Arizona desert when he found two tiny puppies. Apparently, they were abandoned and thus Jordan decided to take them home without second thoughts.

He even took the puppies to the vet to have them checked. In the clinic, they were treated for severe dehydration and were given the proper medication needed. Since that day, Jordan and his puppies have embarked on an epic journey. The trio proved to an inseparable team, as they would travel across the United States together. He named the puppies Sedona and Zeus, and together they managed to travel more or less 30,000 miles and visited at least 35 states.

Meet Jordan, the lad who, without hesitation, adopted two abandoned puppies.

Jordan shares his wonderful story and travel adventures with the puppies on his official Instagram page and YouTube channel. And so far, people love their escapades.
Scroll down below and take a look at some of their most adorable photos. You will certainly be inspired!































There is no doubt that Jordan is an inspiration. These dogs are lucky to have him! Elite Readers salutes you, Jordan!

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Girl Sings ‘You Are My Sunshine’ To Teach Baby Brother With Down Syndrome

This brought me to tears…

Angela Beltran



The bond between siblings is something priceless and irreplaceable. A new viral video shows how this bond could touch the hearts of millions of people worldwide.

A mother has shared a heartwarming video showing her daughter singing to her 25-month-old brother who has Down syndrome. The video, which was uploaded on Facebook, was viewed more than three million times.

Meet Lydia and her little brother, Bo.

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Couple Who Met On Neopets Two Decades Ago Fell In Love And Got Married In Real Life

It was love at first sight for the two when they met IRL.




There was a time when Neopets was the online craze for many young people in the 2000s. And for those who are uninitiated, Neopets is an online community for people who love to play virtual pet games and communicate with other users as well. In the 2000s, Kristin Andrews was just 12 when she opened an account with Neopets. And she never thought she'd meet her now husband, Michael Karr, who was 10 at that time.

Kristin and Michael belonged to a guild on Neopets, called the "Evil Jellies." Members of the guild were into role-playing -- they'd play the "villains" and the "heroes" of the guild. Kristin, now 29, was the good guy in the role-playing while Michael was the villain known only as "Doctor," which meant they were "rivals" in the world of Neopets.

Kristin and Michael met on the popular virtual pet website and community, Neopets.

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Construction Worker Walks to the Subway Nightly to Use Free Wi-Fi and Talk to His Family

He couldn’t afford a personal internet connection.




A person who is devoted to his family will do anything, everything just to keep in touch with them, no matter the situation is. This Chinese migrant worker had to leave his family in Henan Province in central China to work as a construction worker in Shanghai. With no means to have a personal internet connection, he walks to the subway every night just to use the free Wi-Fi.

Ge Yuanzheng has a very tight budget - he earns only 200-300 yuan ($30-$45) a day. He lives with his workmates in a bare dormitory. The hard-working father would rather save whatever money he earns for his family.

This construction worker patiently walks to the subway every night so he can use the free Wi-Fi and call his family.

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