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Talented Artist Transforms To Disney Characters Using Makeup and Common Household Items





We’ve previously featured Filipino celebrity Paolo Ballesteros who wowed Wonder Woman actress Gal Gadot herself because of his awesome makeup transformation skills. Now it looks like another guy from the country is making waves online after posting his pictures on social media.

Netizens just can’t get enough of 21-year-old JM Mirabel, an artist from Cavite, Philippines who transforms himself to different Disney characters using makeup and common household items.

A whole new world: JM Mirabel is both Alladin and Princess Jasmine!

According to a GMANetwork report, JM is a portrait artist who decided to use his face “as a new art canvas.”

The article further tells us that JM begins with the base by putting a primer then proceeds with filling his brows as well as blending the foundation and concealer. Finally, he adds all the fine details to achieve the look he’s aiming for.

As for his costumes and props, JM says he just looks around the house to find objects he can use. Case in point, Cinderella’s dress is an old curtain and Pocahontas’ necklace is a “Christmas ball sliced in half.” Meanwhile, Alladin’s hat is a boxing glove!

He said he never spent money on his costumes and he credits his creativity and resourcefulness for his photos.

Go check out the rest of his fascinating Disney-inspired makeup transformations below:

#1. Belle (Beauty and the Beast)

#2. Snow White

#3. Mulan

#4. Pocahontas

#5. Rapunzel and Flynn Rider (Tangled)

#6. Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)

#7. Queen Elsa (Frozen)

#8. Princess Anna (Frozen)

#9. Moana

#10. Merida (Brave)

#11. Princess Tiana (Princess and the Frog)

#12. Cinderella

#13. Ariel and Eric (The Little Mermaid)

Quite impressive, right? We’re absolutely mind-blown with this guy’s talents!

If you want to stay updated with JM Mirabel’s work, you can check him out on Facebook and Instagram.

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