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This Is What Happens When You Ask the Wrong Guy For Photoshop Help

Ever wanted to enhance one of your photos? If you want hilarity to ensue, make sure you ask James Fridman!

16. Photo perfection.


17. She didn’t say how big.


18. More petrified than interested, but still interested.


19. That always turns out well.


20. Breed not specified.


21. AGAIN with the spelling!


22. You’re not gonna get buff sleeping in the gym like that!


23. If I say jump, you say how high.


24. Strike three on the spelling.


25. Everyone hates photobombers.


26. He’s a gentleman too.


The next time you ask someone for Photoshop help, make sure you check your spelling, and you’re very specific!


16 Expert Trolls Who Took Humor To The Next Level

#4 takes so much dedication.

Trolls. What would the entire internet experience - or in fact, our existence - be like without them? Perhaps a little less interesting?

While, yes, there are many out there who can really be annoying (particularly the bigots and racists who hide in the shadows of anonymity, trying to shove their opinions down our throats), it’s also worth noting that there are many who can be very entertaining.

Case in point, these 16 expert level trolls you will see below will probably make your day. They’re actually hilarious as hell!

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‘Touch A Stranger’s Hand’ Escalator Prank Is Both Hilarious And Awkward

So funny! LOL!

How would you react when someone – a hot girl or a hot guy, at that – touches your hand while you are on an escalator?

Well some people had to answer that from firsthand experience as they were secretly filmed by a crew of pranksters. A man and a woman were tasked to touch the hands of random strangers on an escalator to see how they would react.

This funny prank captures the reaction of men as their hands were touched by a hot, flirty woman.

touch a stranger prank 1

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Son Plays Epic Prank on Parents After 3 Years Away from Home and Losing 45 Pounds

But he couldn’t fool his mother.

A young man away from home for three long years decided to pay a visit to his family. What happened was a prank of monumental proportions when he played on his drastically changed appearance to see if his parents would recognize him.

Hadi Wibawa of Indonesia came home from London where he'd been studying for the last three years. Due to the excitements of the big city and the rigors of school, he'd lost a lot of weight. Forty-five pounds in fact. So he decided to trick his parents to see if they'd still know it was him.

A much thinner Hadi.

prank 1

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