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This Is What Happens When You Ask the Wrong Guy For Photoshop Help

Ever wanted to enhance one of your photos? If you want hilarity to ensue, make sure you ask James Fridman!

Photoshop has become the go-to program for editing just about ANYTHING. Whether you want to enhance an already beautiful photo or erase a few blemishes on your face or even completely change the way you look in a photo, Photoshop is the one program you’ll use.

Sadly, not everyone is skilled enough to navigate through the many tools to get that perfect look in a photo, and that’s why many people have resorted to asking other people to solve their Photoshop woes.

Cue James Fridman, a talented Photoshop expert who may have gotten so fed up with the little idiosyncrasies of the people asking for his photo-enhancing help that he has become both a Photoshop troll and an internet sensation.

He can whip up just about any request, whether it’s enhancing a modest chest, adding a bit of length to the legs, or removing an unwanted person from a photo… But this comes at a cost.

If you don’t phrase your request just right, he might just give you a photo monstrosity that, we admit, is worth a couple of laughs. Just check out some of his works below.

1. Some people are so vague with their requests that they get the opposite of what they asked for.


2. Totally nailed it.


3. He’d fit right in.


4. Now no one can tell you apart!


5. I fought the law and the law won…


6. The bigger Ben Kingsley would have been a better choice.


7. Don’t forget your supplements, kids!


8. Best of both worlds.


9. This is why spelling matters.


10. Truer words were never spoken.


11. Decisions, decisions.


12. In the news today, giant fabricated fox attacks teen.


13. Tall is a relative term.


14. Nothing says Tumblr like, well, the logo.


15. Different hunger, same joy.



World’s Naughtiest Son Pranks His Asian Dad All The Time

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Ted captured the hilarious moment on film and uploaded it on Facebook, where it was viewed 22 million times and shared over 400,000 times.

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