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Guy Skydives To Collect Fresh Air And Then Sells Them For $290 Per Bottle

I can’t even decide whether this is clever or absurd.

Mark Andrew





25-year-old Jakob Aungiers has come up with possibly the most bizarre of business ideas.

Jakob started skydiving many years ago and now he has launched “Bottled At Altitude,” a service which sells bottled fresh air that he captures during his dives.

A London-based finance worker, Jakob thought of his unique business idea and started marketing his products to people online. In fact, he now has a dedicated website for his business.

Meet entrepreneur Jakob Aungliers, skydiver and bottled air collector.

jakob aungiers bottled air for sale 1

Source: SWNS

What Jakob does is to jump at 15,000ft while carrying a 250 ml-bottle, pop up a cork on it before opening his parachute, and then safely land on the ground with the bottled item. He believes that the product will appeal mostly to people living in polluted areas.

Each bottle is sold for £199 ($290) and is available online through his “Bottled At Altitude” website.

jakob aungiers bottled air for sale 2

Source: SWNS

Jakob explained the expensive price tag by saying:

“It’s not just a bottle of air. Physically it is, but you are getting a premium product. It has got that little bit of spiritual and symbolic value.”

Jakob defended his product saying “It’s not just a bottle of air.”

jakob aungiers bottled air for sale 5

Source: SWNS

He even added:

“Air in the countryside is fresh, but not quite as fresh as air from two and a half miles up.

For people living in polluted cities like London or Manchester – or even New York and Hong Kong – to have a little bottle of freshness and pureness is brilliant.

Just to have that freshness and pureness in your house in their house can help, or even to have that there to open in a time of need.

Also, it is something that take a bit of time and effort and determination and bravery to do, so it has that value.”

jakob aungiers bottled air for sale 4

Source: SWNS

Aside from the bottle, each buyer also gets a video of Jakob, taken using a Go Pro camera, as he captures the air. The product also comes with a certificate of authenticity.

jakob aungiers bottled air for sale 3

Source: SWNS

Jakob is a certified British Parachute Association skydiving freeflying coach.

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