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This Man Rewarded Two Exceptional People For Providing Him Good Customer Service.





We’ve all had bad experiences with customer service representatives one way or the other. There are those who are simply rude, lazy, and downright obnoxious.

Sometimes I wonder if those people just feel miserable about what they are doing or maybe they’re just too exhausted to care for whatever it is we need or search for. Just imagine attending to other people’s needs all the time, I mean, they must have loads of problems too, right?

Nevertheless, we get irritated with their unacceptable behavior  because yes, everyone’s got a problem and that’s never an excuse for behaving badly towards others (especially when you’re in that line of work).

Fortunately, humanity is still alive and there are a lot people out there who would go through great lengts just to be able to provide good customer service.

In the video, Jack Vale, a-41-year old actor and producer who is also known for being a prankster, made a video to celebrate the kindness and heroism of two people who have shown exceptional customer service. What’s more, he gave these two great people a hefty reward of $100 dollars.

Watch the video:

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H/T: Jack Vale Films, SFGlobe

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