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Man Isolated Himself for 25 Years and Created Fantastic Sculptures Inside Caves





When we talk about caves, we usually think of a dark scary place where creepy little crawlers are present everywhere waiting to attack us. Simply put, it’s the last place you want to visit. But when you see Ra Paulette’s artistic works of art, you will be amazed with the beauty of the sculptures inside these caves that will definitely make you want to visit them.

Ra is an American cave sculptor artist based in New Mexico. He spends most of his time digging on hillsides to create beautiful works of art. He spent 25 years designing and carving majestic artworks and he is still creating more!

Ra considers his works of art a haven of peace.


Ra was once an unnoticed artist until recently.


Through Ra’s hardwork, perseverance, and his passion in digging caves to create art, these caves have become a haven of peace for some people.

Let’s take a peek at Ra’s breathtaking works of art:

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