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Netizens Are Amused With Cyprus Plans To Erect New Statue With Massive ‘Knee’




  • Cyprus’ ‘The Noble Peasant’ will soon be erected atop a mountain as a tribute to “the inner nobility of ordinary folk.”
  • However, the statue has gained a lot of attention online because of one prominent feature: it’s knee.
  • Many netizens are pointing out that it looks a bit racy.

Cyprus is planning to erect a new statue called ‘The Noble Peasant.’ The huge statue, which will be placed on top of a mountain will be bigger than Brazil’s 38-meter Christ The Redeemer.

According to reports, the monument is a tribute to “the inner nobility of ordinary folk” but apparently, social media netizens are not convinced. As we have shared below, some people are seeing something else in the sculpture.

Cyprus’ ‘The Noble Peasant’ looks naughty from certain angles.

As it appears, netizens couldn’t help but point out that the massive 40m statue looks like he has a big erection going on.

While that is actually a protruding knee with some clothing on the kneecap, it’s easy to understand why it’s actually been a source of laughter for many.

“That’s his KNEE!” Twitter users keep making fun of the statue’s most prominent feature.

Arkin University of Creative Arts and Design (ARUCAD) founder Erbil Arkin came up with the concept for The Noble Peasant who took inspiration from Christ The Redeemer.

The official Noble Peasant website tells us:

“In a country that has witnessed divisions and conflict in its past, a unifying factor was that almost all Cypriots were, only a few generations ago, sons and daughters of the soil – farmers, animal husbanders, peasants.

“The Noble Peasant, 40 metres in height and standing sentinel over the coastline, has the potential to bring world renown to North Cyprus as a symbol of pride in the capabilities and resourcefulness of its people.

“As a work of engineering and artistic excellence, it will long outlast our lifetimes and will be a gift to future generations.“

Wait, did they just say ‘symbol of pride’? Well, yes, we can see that.

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