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This 6-Person Inflatable Hot Tub Is Perfect For Relaxing and Socializing

At only £349.99 ($456.30), it’s so much more affordable than a regular outdoor hot tub!


Winter is finally over and Amazon has the perfect thing in preparation for spring. The online shopping giant is currently selling an inflatable six-person hot tub for an amazingly low price.

The Intex Inflatable Hot Tub, which is being called the Spa Pool, is “made of high-strength, triple-laminated vinyl in conjunction with the patented Fiber-Tech © construction, providing a wellness experience of the highest standard.” It can comfortably fit up to four people and retails for only £349.99 ($456.30). This is certainly a bargain considering that most hot tubs could cost between £2,600 to £6,130 ($3,500 to $8,000).

The inflatable hot tub only comes in grey.

The description for the inflatable hot tub is certainly irresistible.

“Fitting up to six people this Spa Pool will make the perfect addition to your back garden. Ideal for when you’re entertaining or looking to relax in the evening; just jump in your inflatable hot tub, lay back, let the world and your troubles melt away. Features of the Intex Inflatable Hot Tub include a heater, circulation pump, integrated lime scale protection system and a lockable insulating cover to aid security and keep heating costs to a minimum.”

In addition to the tub itself, the package contains 2 filter cartridges, insulated ground mat, carry bag, chemical dispenser test strips and two head rests. There is also a lockable pool cover so you can be the only one who can take a dip.

Here’s what the hot tub looks like with the pool cover.

Perhaps the best thing about the Spa Tub is that it is only available online. It will be delivered right at your doorstep.

So is it worth it? The Spa Tub is already getting some rave reviews from impressed customers.

Interested in the Spa Tub? You can but it at Amazon.


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