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Smiling Thief ‘Refunds’ $413 TV Which He Just Picked Up From The Store’s Shelf

Beware of this cunning crook, guys!


It’s pretty sad how some people use their smarts towards taking advantage of others. Case in point, this cunning – and smiling – thief just successfully ‘refunded’ a television priced at $413 without spending a single centavo.

How did he exactly do that, you may ask? Well, you’d be surprised to know that this jerk simply picked up a TV set from the store’s shelf and then went straight to the counter to ask for a refund.

This recently happened in Lincoln, a city found in the county of Lincolnshire, England.

This thief walked into an Aldi store and demanded a refund for a TV he just picked up from their shelf.

Source: PA

Unfortunately, the poor, gullible Aldi employee believed him. The television set had a price tag of £329.99 (approximately $413) and the grinning conman eventually walked away with that amount.

According to a report by the Lincolnshire Police, the fraudster even asked to speak with the store manager.

Source: PA

The man even asked to talk with the store manager and he did get the chance. They shook hands and so the cashier assumed permission had been given before he handed the money – even without asking for an official receipt.

The man immediately left the place after getting the cash.

A CCTV footage incident revealed the face of the thief and so authorities are now on the lookout for him.

Source: PA

The police are now trying to find more information about the man such as his identity and whereabouts.

In case you know him, do not think twice about alerting the cops. We surely wouldn’t want to see this crook victimize more stores.


African Bride, 29, Falls In Love With 92-Year-Old Rich Businessman Despite 63-Year Age Gap

Needless to say, the wedding has become very controversial.

Age is just a number, they say, and it doesn’t really matter much when you are in love with another person – whether the individual is younger or older than you. Still, this African bride did not manage to escape harsh judgments from the internet after a photo of her and her groom recently surfaced online.

As we can see on the photo below, the woman married a man who is much, much older than her. In fact, he’s 63 years her senior!

29-year-old Charity Mumba of Zambia recently got married with 92-year-old Peter Grooves of South Africa.

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Priest Dunking Child in Controversial Hazing-Like Baptism Sparks Online Debate

Is this baptism or hazing?

Parents in Tbilisi, Georgia lined up to have their children blessed at the Orthodox Holy Trinity Cathedral. Patriarch Ilya II personally administered the said ceremony. In fact, he even came up with the idea of having a mass baptism to stimulate the country’s low birth rate, saying he would personally baptize every third child in every family.

A video of the ‘acrobatic child baptism’ was later uploaded online by EuroNews and it has since sparked mixed reactions from netizens across the world.

Patriarch Ilya II baptized 780 children during a mass baptism at the Orthodox Holy Trinity Cathedral.

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This Badass Delivery Guy Can Carry 5 Water Containers At The Same Time

And I struggle with just one of these!

The video below shows us a delivery guy carrying five water containers at the same time. Yes, you read that right – five freaking water containers at the same freaking time!

It’s really impressive how strong this guy is and how dedicated he is to his job. Also, we’re amazed with his technique. I mean I struggle with just one of these! And then here this dude is, making it look all easy like it was nothing.

Viral video shows this delivery guy carrying 5 water gallons into a store.

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