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Loyal Dog Sheds Tears Right Before Dying After Being Poisoned by Thieves

A loyal dog in Indonesia successfully protected his owner’s home from thieves, but he ended up getting poisoned.

Faye Williams





Dogs have been called “man’s best friends.” They’ve certainly been loyal to humans. They are affectionate companions and brave guards. Dogs often put themselves at risk in order to protect their owners from danger. That’s what a dog in Indonesia did. However, he was poisoned.

Indonesian Achy Wijaya — who lives in the Merauke regency of Indonesia’s Papua province — shared the tragic story of his loyal dog.

It happened in the furthest east island of Indonesia.

Source: Let's Escape

Apparently, a group of people tried to break into Achy’s property. It was the middle of the night and Achy and his family noticed that their devoted dog kept barking. Then again, they thought he was just being stressed out by a cat or some other animal. Eventually, the dog stopped barking. Achy and his family went on to sleep soundly. What they saw the next morning broke their hearts.

Below is a rough translation of Achy’s story, which he posted on Facebook:

We have to be more careful now because thefts have become rampant.

A few days ago, in the middle of the night, our home was targeted by some thieves. However, they failed to rob us because of our pet dog kept barking.

The family was shocked to see the dog lying on the ground.

We only found out when we went out of the house in the morning. We saw that our dog had been poisoned by the thieves.

We wanted to take him to the vet, but we live in Papua and the vet here usually only deals with farm animals. Besides, it was also a Sunday, so the vet’s clinic was closed as well.

This made us cry.

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We tried to get rid of the poison by making our dog drink milk. We also tried oil and some coconut water. Unfortunately, it didn’t work.

Achy decided to take a video of the poisoned dog to remember his sacrifice.

He fought to live, but the poison was too strong.

The video of the poisoned dogs last moments also serve as reminders to people who take their dogs for granted.

Achy and his family later buried the loyal dog in their backyard.

Run free in dog heaven now, faithful friend.

The dog was laid to rest in the surroundings that he had faithfully guarded when he was alive.

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