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Indian Holy Man Claims He Hasn’t Eaten in 70 Years, Baffles Experts and Doctors





Consider going on a 15-day camping trip without taking any food or water with you. Do you think you can survive? How about actually living in the mountains for decades with no food – or even water- intake at all? Will you take on the challenge?

Meet Prahlad Jani, an 83-year old Indian “breatharian” – a person who lives on prana, or the Hindu spiritual life force alone. He claims to have survived for seven decades without eating or drinking anything. According to the holy man, his special ability was given by three Hindu goddesses who appeared to him.

Three goddesses appeared to me and bade me to follow. Ma Kali, Ma Lakshmi, and Ma Saraswati. I consented, prepared myself, and asked: ‘What about my food?’ They each put a finger on my lip and said ‘You need not be concerned about food ever again’. I was 7, and from that day I stopped eating and drinking.”

Indian holy man Prahlad Jani claims to have not eaten for the past 70 years.


To put his claims to the test, experts examined him in a hospital in India…


Photo credit: Humans are Free
…and put him under strict 24-hour observation for 15 days.


During the 15-day observation period, Jani did not consume any food or water at all; he did not pass any stool or urine either. No overt signs of dehydration or physical changes were also observed. The doctors who examined the holy man were completely baffled by the results and assumed that Jani survived due to meditation, yoga, and Amrita Chakra, which in Hinduism is the ability to produce “divine nectar” for sustenance.

Watch the astonishing video below:

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