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Over 4,000 Students Form Largest Human Christmas Tree For Official Guinness Record Attempt





Perhaps no other Christmas symbol is as iconic and universal as the Christmas tree. We see them everywhere and, based on a recent article we posted here on our site, they have a rich and interesting history as well.

They’re colorful and they come in many unique designs. That’s why it’s always fun to put one up during the holiday season. Kids and kids-at-heart love them a lot!

A huge group of kids from India, however, took things to the next level when they made a “tree-mendous” attempt at a Guinness World Record for the largest human Christmas tree.

The human Christmas tree consisted of 4,030 participants.

According to the Guinness website, it “was made by Mission Chengannur and Sobhana George in Chengannur, India, on 19 December 2015.”

Most of the participants, the site tells us, were school children from the Chengannur village.

You can watch the amazing video here:

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The Guinness attempt was a success and so far, the kids from India still own the title for the biggest human Christmas tree. Considering that this is a numbers-based achievement, however, it isn’t too far-fetched to think that the record could be broken by others in the future. The goal is simply to surpass 4,030, right?

Anyway, it should likewise be remembered that last Christmas, we’ve shared with you that jaw-dropping human Christmas tree made by 500 acrobats during the Nanjing Youth Olympics.

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