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India’s ‘Garbage Cafe’ Offers Free Food in Exchange for Trash




  • India has opened its first ‘garbage cafe’ and it’s all for a good cause.
  • The new establishment will provide free food to anyone who brings in a kilo of trash.
  • In turn, the plastic waste will be used to build better roads around the city.

There is little doubt that garbage is one of the biggest problems in the world today. Plastic waste continues to increase and is slowly choking Earth’s natural resources. However, it looks like India has found an awesome way to deal with the problem. The country has launched a ‘garbage cafe’, which promises to provide free food in exchange for trash.

The Municipal Corporation of Ambikapur, a city in the central Indian state of Chhattisgarh, has launched India’s first ‘garbage cafe’. With the initiative, people are encouraged to bring their trash so they could get a free meal.

You can get a full meal by bringing your trash to the ‘garbage cafe’.

The cafe offers a full meal for a kilo of garbage while you can get a substantial breakfast for 500 grams of trash. In turn, the garbage brought to the cafe will be recycled by the city and used in order to build stronger roads.

Ambikapur has already built roads using garbage. The plastic bottles are mixed with asphalt and have proven to be a durable option. With the help of the new initiative, the city will be able to gather more plastic to build more roads.

It’s an impressive plan that could help the city and its people. In addition to exchanging plastic waste for food, the initiative also aims to feed the poor and homeless of Ambikapur.

The city is determined to stay clean and keep its people healthy.

The Municipal Corporation is truly committed to keeping the city clean while also considering the welfare of its people. Not surprisingly, Ambikapur has already been declared the second cleanest city in India and there is little doubt that it will be even better after the ‘garbage cafe’ has started operating.

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