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Model Has Insanely 45-Inches Long Legs as Tall as an Average 7-Year-Old Girl in China.

Model from China become an internet sensation because of her astounding figure and insanely 45-inches long legs.


It’s probably every short girl’s dream to be tall and show off that beautiful, sexy and long pair of legs. While it seems like a distant fantasy for any of us, this 20-year-old Chinese model is luckily living that in reality.

Dong Lei who hails from China is not your average girl. Aside from from her pretty face, she recently become an internet celebrity because of her insanely long legs. Lei who stands at 5-feet, 11-inches tall is probably not the tallest among her fellow runway models but the most striking fact about her is her incredibly 45-inches long legs–about the same height as an average 7-year-old kid in China. Wow!

When asked about her internet fame, Lei said,

‘I find it incredible that I have suddenly become an Internet celebrity! I really enjoy my life and work at this moment, I fly around a lot and my work is also partly like a holiday. I will work hard to succeed going forward and hope for the best.’

Lei inherited her good genes from her father who stands about 6-feet, 1-inch tall while her mother is above average at 5-feet, 7-inches. As reported by Daily Mail, Lei rose to instant stardom when she appeared on the reality show ‘Supermodel’ where she was noticed because of her remarkably long legs and astounding figure.

Dong Lei from China is more than a pretty face.


Photo credit: Daily Mail
This 20-year-old Chinese model has incredibly long legs too.


Photo credit: Daily Mail
She is towering at 5-feet, 11-inches..


Photo credit: Daily Mail
with 45-inches long legs, equivalent to the height of a 7-year-old kid in China.


Photo credit: Daily Mail
She rose to fame when she become a part of a reality show called ‘Supermodel’ and impressed the judges because of her figure and striking long legs.


Photo credit: Daily Mail
Lei is a former trainee teacher but she decided to enter a modelling competition in Beijing after graduating. She is now known as ‘tui-tui’ or ‘long legs’ across asia.


Photo credit: Daily Mail

Lei appears to have the longest legs but according to the Guinness World of Records, the title belongs to former basketball player, Svetlana Pankratova, from Russia which is about 51.9 inches long.

H/T: Elite Daily via Daily Mail


This is Probably One of the Best Preserved Mummies Ever!

She died of pneumonia at the age of two. Now she is known by many as “The World’s Most Beautiful Mummy”.

At the end of the Catacombs of Capuchin in Palermo, Sicily, in the southern part of Italy lies the body of a real-life "Sleeping Beauty".

But contrary to the famous fairy tale, she is not a maiden who awaits for her prince and her true love's kiss.

This sleeping beauty was once a two-year child named Rosalia Lombardo who died of pneumonia in the 1920's. Her little body rests in the chapel at the end of the catacombs, enclosed in a glass top coffin and placed above a wooden pedestal.

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Toddler Left Alone at Home with Dead Mom for Three Days

Such a tragedy for a young boy….


A three-year-old boy was stranded with his mother’s lifeless body for three days.

After days of not seeing and hearing from Lydia Macdonald and her son Mason Martin, concerned relatives and neighbours called the police in the Lickley Court area of Perth and asked them to investigate.

Inside Lydia’s residence, investigators were shocked to discover the lifeless body of the 28-year-old mother. But they were even more surprised to see the youngster beside his mom’s corpse.

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She Went to Prom in an Ambulance and Woke Up After She Got Kissed by Her Prince Charming.

This photo of a teenage girl arriving at her school prom in an ambulance stirred controversy.


Ashvonn Russell  wanted to make her high school prom memorable so she decided to show up at the momentous event in an ambulance.

Apparently, the dance hosted by local Key Club in Bahamas ran a contest for the “Best Entrance” in the event. Determined to bring home the award, Russell came up with the brilliant idea of dressing up as Sleeping Beauty and arriving in an ambulance.

To cap off her grand arrival, Russell remained asleep on the stretcher until her prom date Johnny Auguste a.k.a. Prince Charming kissed her.

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