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This Controversial Double Barrelled Pistol Folds Like A Real Smartphone

Ideal Conceal boasts this will allow you to hide a weapon in plain sight.


Ideal Conceal is currently awaiting patent approval for a weapon that will allow people to hide a gun in plain sight.

The double barrelled . pistol is disguised to look like a smartphone. It even has mock camera lens and a headphone jack to resemble the popular handheld device. The lightweight firearm has a one-piece frame with hammerless firing system.

With its unique design, the gun will “easily blend in with today’s environment,” according to Ideal Conceal’s official website.

Disguised like a traditional smartphone, this new weapon from Ideal Conceal is actually a double barrelled pistol.

smartphone gun

The company further explains:

“The ground breaking Ideal Conceal is a carefully engineered double barrelled .380 caliber people can safely carry in their purse or clipped to their side.

Ingeniously designed to resemble a smartphone, yet with one click of the safety it opens and is ready to fire.”

With a single click, the ‘smartphone’ transforms into a firearm.

smartphone gun 2

As reports about this new weapon spread on the web, many gun enthusiasts have expressed great interest about its release date. Law enforcement and anti-gun advocates, however, are not as impressed.

The gun allows people to carry a gun in plain sight – something that critics are calling ‘irresponsible.’

smartphone gun 4

In an interview with the DailyMail, Andrew Patrick, Deputy Communications Director at Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, said:

“What’s disturbing is that this looks like a real smartphone. There are countless stories of children playing with toy guns who were shot, because it was mistaken for the real thing.

This gun is not only dangerous, but it is also irresponsible.”

Patrick also emphasized:

“The more you have open carrying in communities the more people start to worry and become nervous, because you don’t know a good guy with a gun from a bad guy with a gun until the shooting starts.”

Anti-gun organizations and law enforcers have expressed concerns about this weapon.

smartphone gun 5

Bill Johnson, executive director and general counsel for the National Association of Police Organizations, added:

“In general, the concept of any kind of weapon that’s disguised, so that it’s not apparent that it’s a weapon, would be cause for concern.”

To their defense, Ideal Conceal says they support law enforcement 100%.

smartphone gun 6

Once approved, the pistol will be available to the market by mid-2016 with a tag price of $395.00.


Party Like a Boss! This Champagne Gun Has Just Taken Partying To A Whole New Level!

Using the Champagne Gun, you can shoot sprays of champagne up to a distance of about 23 feet.

Partying has just been taken to a whole new different level. Gone are the days where people painstakingly try to pop that cork off the bottle to create that perfect spray of delectable champagne - all thanks to the Champagne Gun, a fancy French invention that allows people to shoot sprays of champagne with style.

The brainchild of French company Extra-night, the $459-worth device was introduced to the citizens of Miami earlier this year, and since then, the champagne guns have been selling like hotcakes. In fact, the first shipment containing about 300-400 guns have almost been sold out. According to Miami-based businessman Jeremy Touitou, the man behind the ingenious idea of bringing the guns to USA soil, said, “Because it’s Miami Music Week, we have all the rappers and musicians having their managers try and get the Champagne Gun to use in their next video or whatever. It’s been crazy so far.”

Using the Champagne Gun, you can shoot sprays of champagne up to a distance of about 23 feet.

Using the Champagne Gun, you can shoot sprays of champagne up to a distance of about 23 feet.

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This pizza boat rocks!

Sasha Bouis, 38, was an MIT graduate who worked at Standards & Poor’s as a computer programmer. His wife, Tara, 32, was a special education teacher at an elementary school in the British Virgin Islands. They were both successful in their careers, but they decided to drop everything.

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He was attempting to take a video of the woman sitting opposite him at a public passenger vehicle. He was discreetly moving his smartphone to get a better angle of what's between her sexy legs, but he failed to notice that the flash on the camera is on, making the deed too darn obvious. The woman noticed it right away and called him on it.

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