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The “Hug Lady” Hugged Half a Million Soldiers At The Airport For 12 Years

Ann Moises





When the soldiers found out that she was recently admitted to Metroplex Hospital in Killeen, they began visiting her. In an effort to return Laird’s gesture of love, loyalty, and support, they give her a warm hug as she lies in the hospital bed.

“It would be my honor to give her a hug in her time of need. I made it my business to get down here and show her a little love because she’s shown me plenty of love,” Staff Sargent Jarvez Wilkes told NBC News.


Photo credit: NBC

“The hug lady was very inspirational in my first deployment to Afghanistan; she touched my heart,” says retired Army Capt. Caren Adkins.“One American impacting so many lives.”

Richard Dewees, her son, created a GOFundMe account, hoping to raise $10,000 to cover for his mom’s medical expenses. But, as of Tuesday, they already received more than $80,000.

“The outpouring of people, the comments coming in, it’s amazing. She’s touched this many people in that way with just a simple hug,” Dewees said.

Elizabeth told visiting soldier Edmond Clark,“Got flights coming up. Got to get out and hug you.”


Photo credit: 143 D ESC/ Flickr

“They just want to thank her, for encouraging them, for giving them something to look for…they knew when they went over there, when they came back, someone would be waiting,” Dewees told The Washington Post. “A lot of them say they don’t have families, but they have her.”

Elizabeth’s cancer has metastasized. According to WFAA, she will no longer undergo chemotherapy or radiation treatments. She, however, is hopeful she’ll get back to her post at Fort Hood in a few days.

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Sometimes, we don’t fully comprehend the importance of what a sincere and warm hug does to someone who truly needs it. Maybe it’s about time we know. When was the last time you gave someone a real hug?

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