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The “Hug Lady” Hugged Half a Million Soldiers At The Airport For 12 Years

Now, the soldiers are returning the kind gesture.

Ann Moises





A warm, sincere hug can convey messages that words alone can’t express. People hug out of love, joy, gratitude, compassion, relief, and fear.

Charlotte Charles, a character from the 2007 American comedy-drama TV series Pushing Daisies, said that a proper hug is like an “emotional Heimlich.” “Someone puts their arms around you and they give you a squeeze and all your fear and anxiety come shooting out of your mouth in a big wet wad and you can breathe again.”

For soldiers who always risk their lives fighting for their country, a hug could mean all those emotions combined. To receive a warm hug after months or years of living in uncertainty is probably like an emotional Heimlich—a gesture that reminds them that they’re home now and they’re safe. The war has, at least, temporarily ceased. And, to those about to be deployed, it could signify love and support.

Elizabeth Laird is a technically a stranger to all the soldiers who come and go at Ford Hood, an airbase in Gatesville, Texas.


Photo credit: Viral Thread

But this 83-year-old woman made it her mission to hug each and every soldier who are about to be deployed for service.


And when they return home, she’ll still be there, waiting with her arms wide to welcome them home. The soldiers tagged her as the “Hug Lady”.


Photo credit: 143 D ESC/Flickr

She had been travelling untiringly to the airbase since soldiers were deployed to Iraq in 2003. For 12 years, she has probably hugged more than half a million military men and women.


Photo credit: 143 D ESC/ Flickr

Until one day, they realized the kind and loving “Hug Lady” wasn’t at her usual post.

None of them knew that she had been fighting a battle of her own for the past 11 years. Elizabeth Laird— theHug Lady, has breast cancer.

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Facebook User Posts Heart-Wrenching Message Amidst the Terror Attacks in Paris

Ann Nuñez



In light of the recent events of terror that rocked the City of Light, many people all over the world have expressed support and offered prayers for the victims of the massacre that has left countless people dead and injured. One Facebook user, though, has captured the interest of many with her recent post, lamenting about the senseless killings instigated by supposed Jihadists.

In her Facebook post addressed to the terrorists, Shazia Bakshi slammed the heinous deed and claimed that the dastardly deed has cast other innocent Muslims like her in bad light. She also highlighted the indomitable spirit of humans, citing the enduring hope and faith of humans in love and peaceful coexistence.

Read the full transcript of her open letter below:


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He Pulled Off A Fairy Tale Proposal to His “Cinderella” With A Real Glass Slipper

Who said fairy tales aren’t real?

Mika Castro



A lot of women grew up dreaming to be swept off their feet by Prince Charming one day and to live happily ever after. That childhood dream came true for Courtney when her very own Prince Charming, Chris asked for her hand in a surprise magical setup in Disneyland.

The two met at a college Halloween party. Marking that significant event of their meeting, Chris decided to pop the question during the 4th anniversary of when they met. He had it planned deftly. He asked Courtney that they should come to Disneyland dressed as Cinderella and Prince Charming for Halloween. Courtney agreed, thinking it was just another Halloween costume party they will go to. And also because Cinderella has always been her favorite princess.

When they got near the castle, Chris told Courtney to close her eyes and make a wish. When she opened them, there was a real glass slipper on a purple pillow brought by Chris's brother dressed as a Royal Servant. He announced, "I'm here to present Cinderella with her glass slipper"

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7 Brave Women Rescued 100 Horses Trapped On A Small Land In The Netherlands.

True courage showed by 7 women who rescued 100 horses trapped on a small land in the Netherlands.

Jessa Ventures



Natural calamities caused the most destruction, damages and death of humans and even animals. Meanwhile, it is the spirit of solidarity and heroism visible during these trying times which continue to give us hope and restore our faith in humanity.

In 2006, a herd of 100 horses were trapped on a small land for 3 days after a fierce storm surge pushed the sea water into the wilderness area outside the dikes of Marrum, Netherlands. It made news all over the world--known to be the most heroic and biggest horse story that ever came out from the Netherlands, even dubbed by some as the "Great Netherlands Horse Rescue."

19 horses drowned and died while the others grew weaker because of too much exposure outside the freezing cold and flooded area.

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