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This Homeless Man Did the Unexpected For a Father Who’s Been Searching for his Lost Daughter





What can a homeless person contribute to society? In general, none. But in this video we found, we were touched by how a homeless person sacrificed his whole day just to help out a desperate father, who lost his child.

The video is actually a social experiment by a YouTube channel owner. He wanted to test how much help he could get by staging a scene that involved himself asking for help with his lost daughter. He approached a homeless man and explained his situation. The homeless person then asked if it is ok to get a photo of the lost child so he could ask people around. When he was left alone, the homeless man then grabbed a cardboard box and held the photo of the lost child the entire day.

Watch the video here:

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It is so touching to think that a person who has nothing still went out of his way just to help other people in need. We salute you!

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Credits: Johal

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