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The 27 Most Gruesome Torture Techniques in the History of Mankind

Thank goodness we don’t live in those ages anymore!


Torture is defined as “the act of causing severe physical pain as a form of punishment or as a way to force someone to do or say something.”

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The origin of torture dates back to 530 A.D. when Roman jurists used torturous methods to obtain the truth. But what’s disturbing though is that over the years, people have come up with more methods to inflict pain and eventually death in the most horrifying ways imaginable.

The inventors of torture devices have somehow managed to be more creative in their approach. This made me wonder whether they’ve actually had a twisted sense of pleasure when they developed those horrid instruments.

Why? Look at these 27 brutal torture techniques in the history of mankind and tell us what you think about them.

#1. Neck Torture


A piece of metal or wood with very sharp spikes is worn on the neck. Both humiliating and painful, this device prevents people from lying down, eating, and lowering their heads for days.

#2. The Tub

Convicts placed in a wooden tub with their heads exposed were regularly fed so they eventually swam in their own feces. Soon, worms and maggots from their rotting excrement would eat their bodies alive. The executioner also paints the convicts’ faces with milk and honey to allow the flies to feed on them.

#3. Heretics Fork


A metal piece with two bi-pronged forks on each end. This device is attached to a belt and strapped on the neck while the person hangs from the ceiling. One end of the device is placed under the individual’s chin while the other end points at the sternum. If the person drops or lowers his head…you know what would happen next.

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#4. Rope Torture


This torture is easy to use since the device is easy to find and the executioner can think of several ways to inflict pain on their victims using a simple rope. They could hang the victims, let horses drag them, or they could simply tie them to a tree and wait for wild animals to eat the victims alive.

#5. Impalement


This was Vlad the Impaler’s favorite method of execution. His men forced the victims to sit on very sharp and thick poles. When the poles are raised upright, the victims will slowly side down due to their own weight. It usually took the victims three days to die. Vlad watched approximately 20,000 people executed this way while enjoying his meal. (Continue reading next page…)

#6. Coffin Torture


Known as the most preferred torture technique in the Middle ages, convicts or victims are placed in this coffin-like structure that are usually hanged in trees or in the gallows. Overweight and obese people are also forced inside to their discomfort. They will be left there to die and the birds will feed on their remains.

#7. Iron Maiden


A metal structure that resembles a woman, this device has a front hinge with long, sharp spikes that line its interior to impale the victim in all directions. The victim will be locked inside the chamber as the interrogator shouts out questions. They will also poke the victim with jagged edges.

#8. Lead Sprinkler


The executioner fills this device with molten tar, lead, boiling oil or boiling water, and the contents are allowed to drip on the victim’s body. Death ensues when the executioner finally pours molten silver on the patient’s eyes.

#9. Crucifixion


This is still practiced in some countries until today. It is a slow and painful execution in which the victim is left to die while tied or nailed to a huge, wooden cross. This is the most popular form of execution due to Jesus Christ’s crucifixion.

#10. Judas Cradle


The victims are forced to sit on a tall, pyramid-shaped structure while men pull them down. The goal is to force their anal orifices open and slowly impale the victims. The cradle was rarely washed, so the victim dies either from the impalement or due to infection. (Continue reading next page…)


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