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New ‘Deep Nostalgia’ AI Tech Allows Users To Bring Old Photos To Life




  • MyHeritage’s Deep Nostalgia technology has gone viral on social media.
  • The tech allows any user to upload and animate old pictures of their ancestors.
  • Some have since used the tech to animate historical figures and even popular celebrities.

Online genealogy platform MyHeritage recently gained viral fame after releasing Deep Nostalgia, an AI technology that allows users to animate still photos. Primarily, the tech has primarily been designed to bring pictures of people’s deceased relatives or historical figures to life. This means you can see them smile, blink, and even turn their heads.

The result is both amazing and “a little bit creepy,” according to some. Now we see a lot of netizens jumping on the trend and are using it for different purposes. In addition to ancestors, others are also animating celebrity faces just for kicks.

“Deep Nostalgia is a lot of fun.”

Check out some of the interesting photo animations we’ve seen on Twitter lately:

#1. Beyonce
#2. Grandmother
#3. “My now-passed mother in law in her teens is adorable.”
#4. Rembrandt and Mona Lisa
#5. George Washington

According to the official MyHeritage website, Deep Nostalgia requires “a high-resolution face to apply the animation.” While faces in old photos are usually low –res and blurry, the Photo Enhancer helps with that, thus “ensuring optimal results and producing high-quality video animation for historical photos”.

#6. The short clip “looks like it was recorded while they posed and prepped for the portrait.”
#7. Marie Curie and Frederick Douglass
#8. Christiano Ronaldo Statue
#9. Hide The Pain Harold
#10. A Great Grandma
#11. Charles Darwin and Nefertiti
#12. Dynastic Statue
#13. “Great-great grandfather John Davis Kennedy in his Us Civil War uniform”
#14. Johann Sebastian Bach and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
#15. Rasputin

If you want to try the technology out, you can go upload and animate photos by visiting the official MyHeritage website. You may also follow them on social media via Twitter and Instagram.

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