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Watch This Very Hilarious Video of How A Toddler Gave Her Reviews About a Game From 1990

Find out how a toddler played and gave her review from a 1990 game! This will definitely make you laugh!

Kris Evangelista





A Dad gave his daughter a 1990 game to play; he said that 1990s games are very interesting and prominent so he wanted his toddler to try it.

Several modern games have arrived and older games have been left behind by some of the new generation kids.

Amelia’s Dad wants to find out her first impression about it; this is one of his reasons for introducing this game to her little girl.

So this Dad tried to ask his daughter to play a Super Mario World and asked for her quick reviews. This is a very hilarious video showing how her daughter Amelia reacts to his questions and how she reassesses the 1990 game she just played at the same time it shows how she got distracted by her toys and other things around her.

This is not a typical “toddler” interview, Amelia has full of ideas about so many things and she exactly knows what she is looking for as well as what games she likes.

This toddler is very smart and humorous; you will definitely enjoy the video. The whole discussion was light and amusing, I can’t wait to see more of their videos together at their channel FREE DAD VIDEOS.

Find out more about Amelia’s reviews in this 1990 game and what questions his father asked her.

Watch the Video Here:

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These Mesmerizing Highschool Girls Have a Secret that Will Shock You

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Mika Castro



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Kris Evangelista



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