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Beer Pong Now Has A Golf Version – And It Looks Awesome!




  • PutterBall is a game that combines golfing and beer pong into one.
  • The game can be played indoors or outdoors.
  • It’s the “perfect party game for every scenario,” described the website.

Love playing beer pong with your friends? Well your favorite drinking game has just gone the next level!

As you have read on the headline above, yes, the classic game has now taken an interesting, sporty twist – it is now available in golf version.

It’s called the PutterBall and it looks absolutely fun!

Instead of throwing balls into cups or glasses as people normally would, this version of the game requires players to swing putters to get the balls into holes. It takes a bit more effort, for sure, but that’s what makes it really entertaining to play.

As the product description on Amazon tells us:

“PutterBall began with a dream of bringing a golf-themed backyard party game to the masses. We set out to create a fusion of golf, competition, and beer (much like our typical Saturday afternoons) but remained focused on creating an outdoor golf game that everyone could enjoy, including those who have never actually played golf.”

The PutterBall package includes 1 portable golf mat with 12 holes, 2 31-inchgolf putters, 2 golf balls and 12 hole covers.

Check out this video feature by Garage Golf:

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It’s actually a game for everyone. Plus you can easily bring it anywhere!

So yes, as the PutterBall representative pointed out, the game can be played even without any beer involved. This means kids or non-alcohol drinkers can get into it. On top of that, you can play it in the backyard, in the beach, or anywhere else you may want.

If you’re curious and want to make the purchase, you can visit the official PutterBall website. The game is usually sold at$189.95 but is currently available for the discounted price of $169.95.

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