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Mom Shares Brilliant Hack on How To Get A Baby Take Medicine

One mother on Facebook shared this simple trick and it has since gone viral.

Mark Andrew





As if having a sick baby wasn’t hard enough, you, as a first-time parent, will soon find out that making a feverish child take his or her medicine isn’t an easy thing at all. It’s definitely no small task!

Just ask any parent who has ever done it and they’ll quickly tell you that it does require some effort. The unfamiliar, unpleasant taste of different medicines can really be too much to take for some young ones.

It’s definitely not a simple task.


In fact, a survey by the American Academy of Pediatrics tells us that around “25% of pediatricians said that their patients often fail to take medication as prescribed.” This, of course, can affect the child’s well-being since recovery often depends whether proper dosage is observed or not.

One mother shared a quick trick on Facebook – and other parents are finding it helpful!

Well fortunately, there are good solutions to the dilemma. If your little one is refusing to take his or her medicine, you might want to try this clever hack. One mother on Facebook shared this and it has since gone viral.

In a Facebook post, Helena Lee wrote:

“So for the last 24hours I’ve struggled to get Alfie to take Calpol. He has ended up covered in half of it where he spits it at me.

“Then I remembered seeing this trick… Not 1 bit got wasted and no tears.”

The post has since earned thousands of likes and shares which just goes to prove that many parents have found it to be quite helpful. Even various websites, such as SunnySkyz, has taken notice of the awesome trick and wrote about it.

Parents, what do you do to make this medicine process fast and easy? Share your hacks with us in the comment section!

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8 Simple Tricks That Can Help Burglar-Proof Your Home

In a world where there are constant theft and burglary, it’s definitely a win to know a trick or two.




Wherever you are in this world, there’s still a chance that burglars will intrude your home. We’re simply not safe these days, as the number of burglary cases continue to be reported. However, if you invest time and effort in safeguarding your home, you can always save your valuables.

We at Elite Readers want to share these 8 secret hiding hacks, all of which are proven and tested through time. Use them to fool even the meanest and smartest of burglars.

#8. A Hollow Book

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Guy Creates Hilarious But Honest Chart That Accurately Describes Your Daily Life

A guy comes up with ingenious daily chart and you might die laughing at how accurate he describes real life situations.

Donna Marie Padua



Every day is a new day to experience something new. As adults, we go through a lot of things in a day that challenges our wisdom and courage. Sometimes we even find ourselves stuck in some sh*tty situation that we wish we could have gotten a clue on how to escape from troubles or wish that someone warned us beforehand about the consequences of our actions.

You can actually google ways on how to get through a day most especially when you are someone who sees life like it has to be endured on a daily basis. You can find listicles like top ten tips on how to be resilient, top 20 ways on how to deal with daily challenges, 7 ways to overcome any problem, and so much more. These tips can be useful but not all situations are the same.

It is however nice to pick up some ideas on “what might be” in a certain situation. A man named Matt Shirley comes up with everyday charts about different life situations, listing cons and pros of several options and the harsh realities in life. He is devoted to produce a graph a day and you will be surprised at how accurate his viewpoints are.

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9 Awesome Smartphone Spy Hacks That Could Save Your Life One Day

Because your phone isn’t just for taking selfies and pictures of cute kittens.




Digital technology has significantly helped us, making our lives a little bit easier than before. For instance, we can now communicate with our loved ones abroad quickly and easily. Instead of writing mails and stuff, we can simply open our phones or computers and with one click, we’re already talking to them.

Interestingly, there are a lot of different ways to use our smartphones to our advantage. They’re not just for taking pictures and playing games. To give you a clearer idea, below is a list of phone hacks that might come handy to you one day. Be sure to take note of them!

#1. Night Vision

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