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Hackers Are Using Facebook Quizzes To Steal Your Personal Info, Security Experts Warn

Apparently, some of those fun quizzes are not as harmless as you think.

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If you are an avid user of Facebook, you’ve probably encountered some quizzes on your feed. You know, those ones that tell you your celebrity lookalike or determine which movie character fits your personality and others. Some of your friends may have done it and you, in the spirit of fun, also joined in. After all, you’ve got nothing to lose when you play those harmless games, right?

Well apparently, you can indeed lose some things over these seemingly-innocent quizzes. According to some security experts, some hackers are using quizzes to steal personal information from people on social media.

Facebook quizzes may seem harmless but you never know who is really asking you for your personal data.

Source: via NBC

In a report by NBC News, Sri Sridharan, an official from the Florida center of cybersecurity, explained that hackers utilize quizzes to know more about their targets.

He warned netizens:

“It seems harmless but you never know who is really asking you for that information.

“The more they know about you, the more ways they can trick you into doing something like clicking on a link that you should not click.”

And it can get worse from that.

If you’re not careful, your Facebook account might end up getting hacked.

Source: BetaNews

In some instances, these quizzes are used by hackers not only to lure people in sharing their private details but even to hijack their accounts as well. They do this by hiding malicious links in the quizzes, which usually require Facebook users to connect to their account. Unknown to them, they are exposing their information to hackers and even putting their devices at risk such as malware loading.

So how do you stay safe from these risky quizzes? The Florida center of cybersecurity gives the following suggestions:

  1. Always be cautious of signing in
  2. Treat your email address like a bank account
  3. Don’t always trust links from friends
  4. Participate in quizzes from reputable FB pages or companies
Watch this video to learn more:

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So yes, it’s always better to think twice before taking any of those quizzes next time. We’re sure you wouldn’t want to compromise your account and personal data.

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