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This Awesome Hack Will Help You Quickly Find Kids Lost in a Crowd

Afraid that your kids might get lost in a crowd? Check this out!






The holiday season is just around the corner, and a lot of families around the world are poised to take their vacations, be it local or international. There may be plans to visit bazaars, fairs, festivals, or amusement parks – and hey, we should get real – these places are often too crowded for our taste. But who cares, right? It’s time to celebrate!

However, in reality, crowded places present a challenge for parents in terms of keeping their children safe and secure. Not once have we seen lost kids crying out for their moms.

So if you are among those parents who wish to avoid such predicament, here is an awesome tip for you, courtesy of Cherise McClimans, a mother and an active blogger.

On your child’s wrist, write the phrase “IF LOST, CALL” and your contact number.

Using liquid bandage, cover the details that you’ve written on your child’s wrist. This creates a “temporary tattoo” that can last for about a day.

Do not forget to instruct your kids that if ever they get lost, look for and talk to the “good strangers” such as policemen or mothers who also have kids with them. These people can then contact the number that you’ve written on your child’s wrist.

Pretty handy, right?

If you have other tips to keep kids safe this holiday season, share it with us in the comments box below, and don’t forget to share this story on Facebook!

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