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Guy Who Helps Pregnant Young Mom Calm Crying Son On Plane Gets Lots of Internet Love





It’s tough traveling with kids. It’s even more difficult if you’re alone. And pregnant, on top of it all.

The stress of handling kids on a flight is compounded by fellow passengers. Some travelers prefer total quiet and won’t tolerate hyperactive or crying children. Add that to managing bags and toys, snacks and diaper changes, even singing songs and reciting nursery rhymes to very young kids.

The perils of having kids on a plane.


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Imagine the consternation of a pregnant mother who was on a flight accompanied only by her son – a very young son who felt like throwing a tantrum in mid-flight.

A woman on a plane from Minneapolis to Atlanta, Georgia was right in the middle of this mess. On a two and a half hour plane ride, her baby, likely bothered by the air pressure in his ears, began to bawl. The woman was understandably worried. Not only for her son, but also for the other passengers who were bothered by the toddler’s howls.

She may have been anticipating a host of complaints from irate fellow passengers, and did all she could to shush her son. To no avail.

That’s when a stranger offered to help.

This man, a passenger on the same flight, proffered his assistance to the harried mother.

He said he was a dad himself, and could understand her dilemma.

The unidentified man then took her kid in his arms and walked him back and forth on the plane’s aisle for the duration of the flight.

He actually comforted the distressed baby as if he were his own son!

His kind act did not escape notice. Another passenger took a photo of the man carrying and comforting the child, and she posted it on Facebook where it went viral.

The stranger’s good deed now has over 12,000 likes and over two thousand shares.


People were impressed and inspired by his kind act:




This phenomenal man just proved there are still good and selfless people left in a world filled with hate and indifference.

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