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Guy Has Best Reaction When Wife Announces They’re Having Triplets

“Props to this dude… His lady should be proud.”


Pregnancy announcements are often emotional. Welcoming a new baby in the family can always bring exciting, overwhelming feelings for both parents.

But could you imagine how you would actually react if you found out that you’ll not only be having one or two but three babies at the same time? A video that recently went viral on social media gives us a peek at how one dad received the news and it’s just so damn precious.


We couldn’t help but adore this father for his priceless reaction after learning that they will soon be parents to triplets.

In a YouTube video, his wife Stephanie Valas wrote on the description:

“After already having 2 children, I surprised my husband at work with the ultrasound of our third pregnancy… I snuck the phone in my jacket pocket so he wouldn’t know he was being recorded.”

His reaction, as you will see on the video below, is just truly amazing.

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It’s definitely not surprising that the adorable video immediately went viral on social media.

In a Reddit thread, one user said:

“Props to this dude, literally couldn’t have had a better reaction to news of triplets. His lady should be proud.”

Another pointed out:

“I loved that progression of emotions: Confusion, fear, elation, practicality.”

Meanwhile, a Redditor also wrote:

“I think he was scared there was something wrong, the way she vaguely told him to look at the pictures. So with healthy babies, he was somewhat relieved. Then it hit him, oh, need to spend 3x as much money.”

Someone likewise shared:

“One of my old work mates found out he was having triplets and was walking around like a ghost all day, it was kinda funny”

Well congratulations to the couple for having three additional children on the way and yes, we agree – you guys are gonna need a bigger house pretty soon.


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