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Netizens Are Having a Hard Time Figuring Out Which One of These Three Women is the Mother





There are some gifted mothers that look so stunning and young for their age, which they actually look like a sister of their daughters.

So what’s the secret to maintain looking fresh, young and vibrant? Perhaps, it’s exercise, diet and a healthy lifestyle or sometimes it runs in the genes!

Some mothers have a resemblance with their children, other mothers look like an older sibling to their daughters but it’s rare to find a mom who can pass as a twin sister of her daughter, but it is indeed possible!

On January 28, 2016 Kaylan posted a car selfie of her, twin sister and mother. Right after posting it, the photo went viral with 19,000 retweets and 30,000 likes.

Do you want to know the reason behind it? It simply because, people couldn’t figure out which one of the three is the mother! They all look seriously alike and at the same age.

Kaylan tweeted with a caption, “Mom, twin and me.” Which caught the attention of thousands of people in the internet as they look triplets.

Many tweeter users have shared the post with the hashtag #blackdontcrack.

Black don’t crack is a term used to describe African Americans in which their skin makes them look younger than their actual age.

The three beautiful women also posted a funny video on Instagram with the caption, “When your mom thinks it’s a picture…lol #whosthemom:”

When your mom thinks it's a #whosthemom ?🤔

A post shared by #momtwinandme😊 (@momtwinandme_) on

So now, can you guess who the mom is? Perhaps we can assume that the first tweet was chronologically ordered from left to write or maybe not?

In an interview on HLN, it was revealed that Tina, the mother of the twins is the one on the far left of the photo.

Tina, 35 years old was asked by Christi Paul how she stays “well preserved”.

She answered,

“I try to drink a lot of water; I try to stay stress free

I just focus a lot on emotional inner beauty.”

According to Kaylan, 16 yrs old; many people at first think they are triplets.

In an HLN interview; Kaylan said,

“Even people who I know personally still don’t know who’s the mommy.”

It’s wonderful that the bond of the mother and twins are very tight and happy going.

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