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Childless Couple Unexpectedly Adopts Triplets Then Finds Out They’re Expecting Twins

Andy and Sarah got more than just three beautiful babies, they also had twins of their own and they are expecting one more!

Every married couple dreams of having children to love and take care of. Some couples try desperately to have kids of their own that they resort to medical treatments to have a child. However, a couple from Tulsa, Oklahoma got more than what they asked for: they had five children in just a span of nine months!

Andy and Sarah Justice, like any other couple, have always wanted to have kids of their own. For three years, and many attempts to get pregnant, they weren’t able to conceive a child. They finally decided to adopt.

After they met the birth mother and planned the adoption, they got an unexpected surprise at the ultrasound; the pregnant mother was going to have not one but… three babies! But the story doesn’t end there.

Sarah also found out she was pregnant and expecting twins!

Watch their story here:

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Here are the Justices now:


Now, you may think the miracle just ended there.

You see the Justices have room for one more.

They’re expecting another baby in January 2016!


Indeed, as the couple said it,

God has a great sense of humor.

I guess Andy and Sarah are meant to have kids as what they have always wanted!



This Couple Got Married On A Tightrope 80 Feet Above The Ground

The ceremony was so rad it is actually illegal.

Two tightrope walkers Chris Bull and Phoebe Baker decided to bring back the tradition of getting hitched on a tightrope 80 feet in the air.

Wearing formal wedding attire, the two wire walkers started walking from the opposite ends of the 250 foot-long wire before finally uniting in the middle to tie the knot in May 1, 2015.

They said their vows over the heads of their 100 guests who are watching them in awe at the grounds of Somerset England.

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This College Student’s Simple Act of Kindness Saved A Child’s Life

We never know when our random act of kindness can save another person’s life.


A small act of kindness indeed can go a long way. We never know when our random act of kindness can save another person's life.

Take the story of Matt Demario as an example. When he was in high school, he signed up to be a donor on the registry of Be the Match, a website which matches transplant donors and recipients. Thinking that the chances of him being contacted were slim, he was actually surprised when he received a notification regarding the case of a young boy who was a perfect match for his bone marrow. That young boy in need of his bone marrow was Beckham McGillivray, who had blood cancer.

It was never really a question of whether to do it or not; it was more of okay, when can I do this?", said Matt.

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Two 5-year-old Russian Boys Escape Kindergarten To Buy A Jaguar

The two 5-year-old boys who dug their way out of school just to buy a million-dollar sports car wasn’t able to get their dream auto because they forgot to bring cash.

Determined to nab the much coveted Jaguar sports car Komsomolskaya Pravda, two Russian toddlers use spades to crack their way out of their kindergarten class. The two rascals were successful in executing their well-planned "prison break," but they didn’t have cash.

So, no: the two 5-year-old boys who dug their way out of school just to buy a million-dollar sports car failed to get their dream auto because the naughty toddlers forgot to bring cash.

Oops, rookie mistake.

Russian Rascals - 02

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