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Parents Had Difficulty Telling Identical Triplets Apart – So They Used Color Coding!

Color coding FTW!

Mini Malabanan





While having identical triplets sounds exciting, having the ability to tell them apart is another story.

This was the exact dilemma of Karen and Ian Gilbert who experienced difficulty in telling their identical triplets Maddison, Paige, Ffion apart.

Since the triplets look remarkably alike, the proud parents struggled spotting the difference.


The couple used to paint their daughters’ toes when they were babies to identify who was who.

When the girls turned two, the couple decided to give them their own color-coded trainers.


Paige sports purple, Maddison wears mint green, while Ffion puts on fuchsia trainers.


“It’s not a fashion statement, we really struggle to tell them apart. We do try and dress them the same – but we use different shoes just to make telling them apart either,” explained their 34-year-old mother.

During bath time, their parents still had to color their toenails to tell them apart.


The triplets were conceived naturally from one egg.


According to the Multiple Births Foundation, having identical triplets is quite rare since it only occurs in 1 in 160,000 births.

Previously, the trio appeared in several television shows including Casualty and Stella.


They played the same little girl on screen since they can take turns while scenes are being filmed.

“They are lovely little girls who have already brought us so much joy – in triplicate. We have treble trouble -but we would not have it any other way,” Karen said.


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Best Boss Ever! CEO Sells His Company And Divides The Money With His Employees

Yemeksepeti has been sold for a huge amount of money – and CEO Nevzat Aydin decided to share the profits with his employees.

Mark Andrew



Yemeksepeti, Turkey’s first and biggest online food ordering service, was recently sold for a whooping amount of $589 million to Delivery Hero, a German online food service.

Instead of simply taking all the money for himself, Yemeksepeti CEO Nevzat Aydin decided to share a huge percentage of the money with all his 115 employees. According to reports, the kindhearted boss handed out bonuses amounting to a total of $27 million.

Although the business wasn’t contractually obligated to do that, Aydin felt it was the right thing to do.

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Rich Guy Attempts to Show Off His Porsche, Ends Up Smashing It Into a Tree Instead

This video is equally funny and painful to watch.

Mini Malabanan



Driving a £1million Porsche 918 Spyder will definitely catch people’s attention even if you don’t try to. Apparently, one cocky driver thought there’s a need to show off the luxury car. But things didn’t go well as planned as the flashy driver ended up losing control of the vehicle and smashing it into a tree.

In a video posted by YouTuber Kristina Champin, an overly excited man and a beautiful blonde in the passenger seat were seen cruising St. Tropez in France. Perhaps in an attempt to impress bystanders,  the driver stepped on the accelerator and avoided hitting a pedestrian.

The show-off driver and passenger were unharmed...


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Men React After Watching Footage of Their Girlfriends Getting Catcalled

Horrified men reacts while watching footage of their girlfriends being catcalled.

Jessa Ventures



Catcalling is a form of street harassment that women deal with everyday. The fear of going out alone, of being harassed by strangers or some men in particular, of being judged because of how you look or dress, of feeling unsafe and disrespected--these are only few of the things that most women go through and sadly, it's even worst for some.

To raise awareness especially among men about how women experience street harassment and what they feel about it, came up with a social experiment. Three women were asked to wear hidden GoPro cameras as they walked around New York City. Afterwards, their boyfriends sat down with them to watch the footage and share their reactions. Apparently, these men are not happy about it.

Their reactions went form being disgusted, annoyed, upset and for most part, furious of the act. Even though they are aware of this thing happening nowadays, it's obviously a different story when you have to deal with it in reality especially if it involves people you know or love.

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