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Grumpy Toddler’s Reaction When She Sees Her Newborn Sister Is Heartwarming

A toddler’s grumpy mood shifted as soon as she saw her adorable newborn sister.


Being a mother can be stressful and demanding. Being a mom of a toddler and a newborn is another story. You seldom have enough sleep and you have to deal with your children’s fussiness and tantrums. In this video, however, we see how a grumpy toddler’s heart melted as soon as she saw her baby sister.

The three-year-old Ellia’s mood immediately shifted from being irritable and grumpy upon waking up in the morning to sweet and happy as soon as she hugged her newborn sister.

She woke up feeling grumpy.

Esther Anderson was busy caring for her newborn baby, Tessa, who had woken up many times the night before. Then Ellia came out of the room crying. She started recording a video to show her husband that she is having a hard day.

“This is gonna be a long day. It was already a long night.”

She expected Ellia to throw a bigger tantrum, especially because Esther’s attention is now divided and she needs to accept that she has a new sister now.

She immediately hugged her newborn sister.

Unexpectedly, Ellia immediately hugged her baby sister and her mood shifted. She became calm and relaxed. She repeatedly said:

“I love her so much.”

Sisterly love!

The video Esther thought would showcase how hard it is to take care of two kids, especially if you have a newborn. However, turned out differently.

The video shows how rewarding it is to have kids who love each other. Ellia became calm at the sight of her sister and expressed her affection for her sibling. Esther told ABC:

“I got to witness one of those sweet moments that makes every frustration of parenting completely worth it. Ellia really does love her baby sister so much and still asks for her sister as soon as she wakes up most days. And it’s adorable.”

Ellie obviously loves her sister!

Though many people have misunderstandings with their siblings leading to frequent fights, at the end of the day, the love for each other will overcome any problem, bad moods, and obstacles along the way.

Sibling love is immeasurable and incomparable to anything in this world. The love you have for your brother or sister is unique, that only you can truly understand.

The siblings with their parents.

Watch the video here:

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