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Filipina Actress and Husband Surprise Their Housekeeper With A 2-Storey-Home

Her loyalty, devotion, and hard work for 17 years paid off.

Ann Moises




  • Dimples Romana, a famous actress in the Philippines, and her husband Boyet Ahmee gave a surprising gift to their loyal nanny.
  • In Romana’s vlog, the couple asked Vilma or ‘Ate V’ to join them for a house tour.
  • They told Vilma that they want to get her personal opinion about the place, and that is crucial to their final decision on whether or not to purchase the property.
  • Unberknownst to her, Romana and Ahmee is giving her a tour of her very own home.

Dimples Romana, a famous actress known for the TV series ‘Kadenang Ginto’ (International title, ‘The Heiress’ ) recently released a heartwarming vlog that changed the life of someone very loyal to her.

In stark contrast to her TV role as an evil, greedy woman, what she and her husband Boyet Ahmee did was a generous, loving act.

The couple surprised their housekeeper of 17 years with a gift– a 2-story house she can call her own.

At the start of the vlog, which Romana uploaded on YouTube last October 16, she and her husband were talking about how Vilma came to their lives.

As part of their plan, they invited Vilma to join the video. They asked her to share her thoughts about the house, saying her opinion truly mattered to them.

Vilma later introduced herself on camera and went on to say how kind the couple is to her.

Also, that she couldn’t think of anything bad to say about them for all the years she’s worked for the family.

Later in the video, she shared her dreams of someday owning a house as well. All the while, Vilma thought the house they were about to feature on the vlog will be rented out in the future.

So they went in, joking about each section of the place from the living room to the kitchen and restrooms. They got up the stairs and inspected the rooms in the second floor.

When they got to the main bedroom, Vilma was totally shocked with what she saw.

‘Yes, This is for you’

There were gold letter ballons taped on the wall plus a standee of Vilma, thus revealing the couple’s true intentions for the house tour.

Vilma broke into tears and asked “Why me?” Soon, all of them were shedding tears as Vilma expressed her deepest gratitude to them.

Romana and Ahmee revealed how grateful they are to her for staying with them throughout the years despite the difficult times when they couldn’t give her salary on time; the longest delay being seven months.

To show her their love and appreciation, the couple happily gave back to Vilma, who became more than a housekeeper, but a sister- a part of their family.

Watch the video here:

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