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This is Why You Should Google Your Date Before Heading Out

You’d be surprised with what you can find through a simple Google search.

Grace Alviar Viray





So, are you excited to go out on a date with the guy you met on Tinder? Or that man whom your friends introduced you to on Facebook? But do you really know them at all?

Online dating has been more popular than ever. With the proliferation of social networking sites and online dating apps, your lonely night can turn into an awesome date night in just a few clicks.

Now, being with a freak on a blind date is absolutely weird, but dating a married man or a registered sex offender is a different story.

This is why it is important to Google your date before heading out.


In a video by Buzzfeed, women revealed what they found out about their dates through Google in the anonymous secret sharing app Whisper. You’ll be surprised that what you just used to watch on TV or movies actually happen in real dates.

One of the women revealed her date was arrested for selling drugs.


Another lady found her date’s sex tapes.


And one woman dated a registered sex offender.


Those are just stories of horror, right?

Watch the full video here:

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I guess everybody should really Google their dates from now on.


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The Reality Behind Stunning Travel Photos Show How Cropping Can Change Everything

“A bit of negativity is essential for positive change.”

Mini Malabanan



Limitless, a Singapore-based tech company, has come up with a thought-provoking photo series that shows the reality behind stunning travel photos in India.

Dubbed as “Broken India”, the campaign aims to show the sad truth behind glamorous photos that “Beautiful India” depicts and unveil issues that the country is currently facing including pollution and poverty. Through negativity shown in the photos, Limitless hopes to spark a positive change.

"The Broken India series was inspired by a post we saw online on how Instagram only shows you one side of the story. This design idea fit well into our concept of two India’s that helped us take it to a new level,” Limitless said.

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Hero Doctor Creates Nebulizer Using Plastic Bottle For Asthmatic Toddler On Flight

When you’re thousands of feet in the air and you witness a child having an asthma attack with no medication in sight, what are you gonna do? Create a makkeshift nebulizer the McGyver way, of course.

Ann Nuñez



When you're thousands of feet in the air and you witness a child having an asthma attack with no medication in sight, what are you gonna do? Create a makeshift nebulizer the McGyver way, of course.

This was the dilemma faced by robotic surgery doctor Khurshid Guru when he was on board an Air Canada flight from Spain en route to the US. Guru, who attended a medical conference in Spain, was returning home aboard the transatlantic flight when the incident happened. They were four hours into the seven-hour flight when he heard that a toddler was suffering from an asthma attack without any access to medication, since the parents mistakenly packed the medicine in their checked baggage. Although he usually didn't handle young patients, he didn't hesitate to help.

Dr. Khurshid Guru is the Director of Robotic Surgery at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute in New York.


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‘Facebook for the Rich’ Accepts Members, Costs $9,000 to Join

It will allow you to tell your friends about your latest travels or brand new luxury car without sounding conceited.

Ann Moises



Each one of us probably has a friend or knows a friend of a friend who has developed a habit of posting everything---and I mean, EVERYTHING---on their social media accounts. We get an update from what food they are eating, their latest tours and escapades down to their new, flashy toys in our newsfeed. But, while most us are happy to see our friends do well in life, some may feel otherwise.

As some of our friends share their happiness and achievements to the rest of the world, some are struggling with debts and unemployment. Some people are worrying if they'll even have food to eat today.

Does this make you feel a bit guilty? It is not your fault. That is just the sad truth about life.

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