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This is Why You Should Google Your Date Before Heading Out





So, are you excited to go out on a date with the guy you met on Tinder? Or that man whom your friends introduced you to on Facebook? But do you really know them at all?

Online dating has been more popular than ever. With the proliferation of social networking sites and online dating apps, your lonely night can turn into an awesome date night in just a few clicks.

Now, being with a freak on a blind date is absolutely weird, but dating a married man or a registered sex offender is a different story.

This is why it is important to Google your date before heading out.


In a video by Buzzfeed, women revealed what they found out about their dates through Google in the anonymous secret sharing app Whisper. You’ll be surprised that what you just used to watch on TV or movies actually happen in real dates.

One of the women revealed her date was arrested for selling drugs.


Another lady found her date’s sex tapes.


And one woman dated a registered sex offender.


Those are just stories of horror, right?

Watch the full video here:

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I guess everybody should really Google their dates from now on.


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