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Her Boyfriend is Cheating on Her and She Did This to Get Even. Serves Him RIGHT!

Her boyfriend was cheating and she did this to get even.

Jessa Ventures





Infidelity is one of many issues faced by those in a relationship. Being cheated by a partner is never easy and acceptance is not something you learn overnight. In the course of getting your heart broken is seeking vengeance for some.

While other victims of unfaithfulness wait for ‘karma’ to do the work, some prefer to embarrass them in public, others are hell bent in cutting the source of all evil. While others prefer a subtle but very clever revenge, this woman choose a different approach — ‘I don’t get mad, I get even.’

By getting even, this Japanese woman didn’t resort to finding a perfect replacement for her cheating boyfriend, she didn’t even try hurting him physically. What she did though will forever remind him of her. ‘Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’ and not even her boyfriend’s most precious ‘apple gadgets’ are spared.

When she discovered his unfaithfulness, she placed all his precious ‘apple gadgets’ in the bathtub. That’s not it though, she also took some photos of it and sent to her boyfriend.

It’s payback time!


Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!


Photo credit: Twitter

Japan being one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world, it’s no surprise how they love all these high tech stuff. Some ‘gadget buffs and ‘fanboys’ are even lining up to get the latest Apple gadgets in the market. Looks like he is one of them too so what a way to hurt the guy! 

According to our calculations, this has got to be around $15,000 worth of tech. The odds maybe in her favor because despite the negative feedback from some, most comments were positive.

Just getting what you deserved.

Good thing it’s not in a used toilet.

Makes you think twice about cheating on your significant other.

Serves him right. He deserves more but that’ll do it.

Men should beware before hurting their girl or pay the price in the end. In this man’s case, he turns cold and his gadgets–off to the bathtub they go. Ouch! Such an unforgettable way to get even.

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Meet The Man Who Gave Up His Face to Save His Life

He was known as the “man with a hole in his face”

Ann Moises



In this day and age, people are becoming so obsessed with physical appearances that some even go through great lengths just to enhance their looks. Some people do this to feel better about themselves.

Donnie Fritts, a former carpenter and a father-of-three, also searched for a way to change his appearance. But what he needed was not an ordinary cosmetic surgery- he actually needed a new face that would help him live a better quality of life. He needed a new face so he can eat better and go out in public without being feared by children or ridiculed by adults. He needed a new face because a very rare disease left him without a nose, upper palate, upper lip, and also took a part of his frontal lobe.

Meet Donnie, this was how he looked like before the cancer.


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The warm and emotional reunion will really melt your heart.

Ann Moises



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How do you think the families of our courageous military men feel whenever their sons or daughters are called in for duty and likewise, how these brave men feel whenever they leave. Every time they get into a battle and face the horrors of war, some of them may be thinking that they might never see their families and friends ever again. I can only imagine a reunion that's so simple yet so emotional.

Like in the case of this marine who was only expecting his brother-in-law to deliver his motorcycle in Arizona. What he didn't know was that his 8-year old baby sister will be tagging along.

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Parents Got Married at Son’s Bedside to Fulfill His Dying Wish.

Wedding ceremonies are supposed to be merry but this is one of those that leaves a lump in your throat…

Jessa Ventures



Wedding ceremonies are supposed to be merry but this is one of those that leaves a lump in your throat--a story so heartbreaking.

Craig and Jemma Edwards have been devoted parents to their three children Corey, Isabelle and Caitlin. For some reasons though, they chose not to get married yet. Apparently, their eldest son Corey has been the key to the couple's 'happily ever after.' It could have stayed that way forever but their happiness was only short-lived.

Corey was only seven-month-old when he was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect. He spent most of his life in Bristol Royal Hospital for Children and went through eight traumatic open heart surgeries to save his life. Sadly, his condition worsened and his parents were told that he might only have days to live.

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