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Girl Gets Furious After Guy Refused To Pay for Her Expensive Food During Their First Date

“Wow you are so rude! Gentlemen ALWAYS pay for girl’s food,” she said.


The question is often asked: When it comes to dates, should a guy pay for everything or should the couple split the bill?

People are often divided about this topic and sometimes, it’s this type of uncertainty that makes dating difficult – especially for those who are going out for the first time.

Take it from Reddit user u/CuteBananaMuffin who recently had a nightmarish dating experience with a seemingly nice girl who, as it eventually turns out, was a real piece of work.

In a BoredPanda interview, he shared how the date went well at first but took an awkward turn when the unnamed woman began talking non-stop about a guy she liked a lot – and she wanted to make out with him!

A big no-no for a first date? Well if that’s not enough, she also ordered some very expensive items off the menu.

He shared:

“I thought ‘let’s eat, talk and leave’ since she’s into another guy, and it all crumbled when it came to the bill. She was shocked that I let her pay. She didn’t say anything at the time, but from her facial expression I realized she was furious.”

“I usually pay for both sides when it comes to the bill, but I’m a student and I work 60 hours a week to pay for food, books etc. so I obviously couldn’t afford to pay 110 euros ($126 USD) for her food. I asked her out again to apologize pretty much for the previous time, hoping we can go to a cheaper place so I could make up for it, but as you can see, the result was really bad…”

This was how their exchange eventually went:

Not surprisingly, netizens are more sympathetic towards the guy than the girl based on the comment section.

One wrote:

“Anyone that wants that royal treatment is not someone you want in your life. Good move.”

Another said:

“Lobster! Would loved to have seen her face when the bill arrived and you said let’s pay for our own food. She tried a fast one there.”


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