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15-Year-Old Girl Undergoes Extreme Cosmetic Surgery to Win Her Boyfriend Back





How far will you go just to win back the love of your life?

A teenage girl from Henan province in central China went as far as undergoing a series of extreme cosmetic surgeries just to win back her boyfriend, according to a report by

Her unbelievable transformation involved having several parts of her body altered. Reports have claimed that  Lee Hee Danae had her eyes, chin, jaw, and even breasts enhanced through radical cosmetic surgeries.

Lee Hee Danae underwent extreme cosmetic surgery to win back an ex-boyfriend.


Photo credit: Inquistr


Photo credit: Inquistr

After her total make-over, the 15-year-old girl shared her photos and video clips on the popular Chinese social media site Weibo.

Danae’s photos and videos caught the attention of thousands of people that she instantly became an Internet celebrity in China.


Photo credit: Cosmopolitan

Her fair skin has earned her the monicker “snake spirit”, a term used to refer to people with “unusually fair skin” based on a Chinese folktale. Many have even commented that Danae is “too beautiful to look at.”


Photo credit: Inquistr

Still, some online viewers think that Danae’s photos were just photoshopped. Many claimed that her eyes appear brown in some photos and blue-green in others.

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What do you think? Another instance of extreme plastic surgery? Or just masterful photoshop trickery?

Source: Cosmopolitan PH

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