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15 Beauty Products That Looked Very Different 100 Years Ago

I actually want to try the past’s #2.


Nowadays, buying beauty products has never been easier: with just a few clicks or a short trip to the nearest store, you can fill your beauty cabinet in no time. But, have you ever wondered about how do people use these products in the past?

If beauty formulas and packaging already looked different 20 years ago, imagine how much they must have changed over the past century. Here’s what 15 beauty products looked like 100 years ago.

1. Hair dryer
2. Beauty masks
3. Hair treatment
4. Hairstyling
5. Mascara bottle

Cosmetics have been used by many women since forever, but the turning point for women came in the 1910s. The Edwardian era, which lasted from 1900 until 1910, considered pale skin and youthful appearance as the ideal beauty standard, but also held believed that makeup is only for women who don’t pass off as “beautiful” or those of ill repute.

Of course, every day, ordinary women still put on makeup, but they denied doing so and often stuck to simpler home remedies such as massages and balms to firm skin, prevent wrinkles, and cope with oily hair.

6. Anti-cellulite machine
7. Tanning
8. Hair ironing
9. Facial
10. Instant tanning

Beauty standards in the early 1900s aren’t as imposing or demanding; if we were to compare it with the 2019 beauty standards. Makeup was used, not as a way to get people’s attention, but to have a youthful and healthier appeal. Thick makeup was frowned upon; but like today, the basics are all the same: powder, eyeshadow, and lip stain.

11. Lipstick container
12. Braces
13. Rejuvenating mask
14. Plastic surgery
15. Rhinoplasty

Humans seem to have an obsession with constantly looking better and as young as possible. It seems many of us strive for impossible perfection on a daily basis with the average beauty morning routine lasting for several minutes or even hours.

Modern technology has sped up the standard beauty routine, and the design may look much fancier now, but they really haven’t changed it much from back in the day.


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