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Makeup Trends In 2019 Will Be A Lot Different From 2018 And Men Will Really Like Them





Beauty trends are moving fast and loose in the age of social media. Makeup artists, beauty gurus, celebrities, and influencers have been actively competing for who can win the award of the best eyebrows ever — but that’s going to change this year.

Men will really like this year’s makeup as women will be looking more natural than last year. Here are eight 2019 makeup trends in 2019 that are a lot different from 2018.

1. Blush instead of contouring.

2. Makeup without makeup.

The “no makeup makeup look” had been a thing for so long, but it seems that it’s going to be the main goal for 2019.

3. No lip augmentation.

The “Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge” started in 2015 after the youngest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan, who has a cult-like following, plumped up her pout. However, the challenge eventually ended after realizing the dangers of doing it — but the love for huge lips never really stopped until last year.

This year, however, a natural pout is considered to be more fashionable than having a fake one.

4. Subtle radiance of the skin.

5. Matte bright shadows instead of ones with the wet effect.

6. Casual makeup instead of “Instagram” makeup.

Beauty gurus have definitely stepped it up a notch in 2018 when it comes to looking like plastic. People looked more and more unrecognizable with the heavy makeup that they looked like an entirely different person when they take it all off.

But in 2019, looking more like yourself should be your go-to look.

7. Brown lipstick will take precedence.

8. Highlighting the lower lash line is back again.

Bonus: Party makeup — 2019

Instead of obsessively shaping your brows, wearing heavy eyeshadow, contouring your face like there’s no tomorrow, this year, all you have to focus on is your lips.

Wear glittered, shiny, metallic, foiled lipsticks — anything that your heart desires. Just keep your face natural, and make your lips your only focal point.

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