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Video Captures Rare Giant Sea Creature Dancing Eagerly With Divers in The Philippines.





Diving is a great outdoor activity, especially for vacationers looking for adventure and fun. With correct training and adequate orientation, it sure is one exciting hobby! Through diving, people are given the opportunity to see the beauty of the underwater and marvel in the greatness of the creations. It is also a great way of learning something new about marine life and species. But what if a huge sea creature suddenly joins your pack as if it is part of the team? It may get scary especially if it is a well-known dangerous animal such as a shark.

We found this video, uploaded by Ryan Carpenter, showcasing his group’s interaction with what seem like a giant eel in Ticlao Islands, Philippines. Initial reports said it was a pyrosome; we are really not sure, but after the video went viral, Ryan updated the description of his YouTube page and indicated that the sea creature is most likely a giant squid egg mass.

Here is the video:

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