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Divers Rescue A Baby Turtle In The Middle Of The Ocean





Marine life is an important part of the Earth that needs to be taken cared of just like the land we live in. The underwater species must not be deprived of a clean and beautiful home, simply because they are also part of our planet hence, they should not be treated with less respect.

In this video we found, a group of divers discovered a baby turtle in the middle of the Maldives and caught it on tape. At first, they got excited upon seeing it and hoped that they could join it for a swim. But when they came closer, they realized that the turtle got caught in a huge piece of trash…

Watch the video here:

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We think what they did was wonderful! It is a testament of the few people left who are truly concerned for the welfare of aquatic animals. We hope this post was able to encourage people to stop polluting the Earth’s waters, and ultimately, the entire planet. We only have one home, let us take care of it like genuinely responsible citizens!

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