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Divers Rescue A Baby Turtle In The Middle Of The Ocean

Can’t believe humans can do such an act of disrespect to our marine animals!


Marine life is an important part of the Earth that needs to be taken cared of just like the land we live in. The underwater species must not be deprived of a clean and beautiful home, simply because they are also part of our planet hence, they should not be treated with less respect.

In this video we found, a group of divers discovered a baby turtle in the middle of the Maldives and caught it on tape. At first, they got excited upon seeing it and hoped that they could join it for a swim. But when they came closer, they realized that the turtle got caught in a huge piece of trash…

Watch the video here:

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We think what they did was wonderful! It is a testament of the few people left who are truly concerned for the welfare of aquatic animals. We hope this post was able to encourage people to stop polluting the Earth’s waters, and ultimately, the entire planet. We only have one home, let us take care of it like genuinely responsible citizens!

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Brave Millionaire Spends 11 Nights on a Brand New Island, Never Trekked Before

Eleven nights alone on a sinking island in the South Pacific Ocean. Can you do it?

There are times when we get bored with our daily routine and work just creeps on our nerves. Thus, once we have the time and the resources, we tend to try something different to escape our humdrum life. For some, their means of escape is travelling. And for the brave few, it's not the 'normal travel', with the hotels, resorts, and all the other tourist stuff.

Meet Ian Stuart, a 65-year-old British millionaire. Ian made his fortune buying and selling luxury yachts but now he's making headlines for an entirely different reason. Mr. Stewart is the first (and potentially only) person to sleep on the world's newest island, located more than a thousand miles off the coast of New Zealand.

The new island emerged after an underwater volcanic eruption.


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This is One of the Most Haunted and Sinister Islands on Earth and One Man Wants to Live Here.

It’s located on an uninhabited island off the treacherous coast of France and has a reputation for sending people mad.

This isolated lighthouse called Tevennec, which stands on an uninhabited island in the coast of France, has been known to make its past occupants mad. So why is this man willing to spend 60 days living here?

Marc Pointud is the founder of the National Society for Heritage, Lighthouses, and Beacons, which aims to preserve the lost lighthouses in the country. He plans to live in the lighthouse for around two months, all by himself. Now this lighthouse has become infamous because of the stories about former lightkeepers losing their minds during their stay. It is also plagued with ghost stories and tales of mysterious deaths.

Tevennec has been around since 1875 and legend says that the first guard went completely insane.


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Video Captures Rare Giant Sea Creature Dancing Eagerly With Divers in The Philippines.

Would you dance with with this giant sea creature?

Diving is a great outdoor activity, especially for vacationers looking for adventure and fun. With correct training and adequate orientation, it sure is one exciting hobby! Through diving, people are given the opportunity to see the beauty of the underwater and marvel in the greatness of the creations. It is also a great way of learning something new about marine life and species. But what if a huge sea creature suddenly joins your pack as if it is part of the team? It may get scary especially if it is a well-known dangerous animal such as a shark.

We found this video, uploaded by Ryan Carpenter, showcasing his group's interaction with what seem like a giant eel in Ticlao Islands, Philippines. Initial reports said it was a pyrosome; we are really not sure, but after the video went viral, Ryan updated the description of his YouTube page and indicated that the sea creature is most likely a giant squid egg mass.

Here is the video:

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