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Divers Rescue Manta Ray Entangled In Fishing Line





The ocean is a vast world full of wonderful creatures. That is why it is not very surprising that more and more people
are drawn to diving and snorkeling for leisure.

Swimming in the waters offer great possibilities such as encountering schools of fish, seeing colorful corals and for a family having their vacation in the Philippines… rescue a manta ray.

Headley family went on a dive near Ticlao Island and saw an amazing sight: a manta ray! But the gushing feeling turned into a critical concern when they found that animal’s body was tied around a long fishing line. It appears like the manta has been tied to that line for quite some time because they saw a large wound measuring about 12 inches on one of the wings.

The tourist guide immediately pull out a pair of clippers and slowly approach the manta. The manta looked frazzled at first, which is something understandable for a marine animal surrounded by humans. But somehow, the tourist guide was able to show the animal that he has no intentions of doing harm.

When the manta realized that the tour guide was on its side, it stopped moving away. This then gave the tourist guide an easy time to free the manta.

The animal seem to have appreciated the gesture because it stood there for a little while even though it was already free. Now, that’s what we call acquired trust.

While manta rays are comparable to sting rays, the former do not have stingers on its tails. Manta rays are generally harmless and would not take notice of divers when it encounter one.

Watch the sweet and beautiful rescue here:

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That was so wonderful! It must feel really good to help the poor marine animal and get its trust and appreciation.

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Credits: GoPro

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