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Greece Turns Ancient Shipwreck Into Amazing Underwater Museum




  • Located in Alonissos, Aegean in Greece, officials are now welcoming the public to the “Parthenon of shipwrecks” by opening the country’s first underwater museum.
  • The massive ship sank in 425 BC and was only discovered in 1985 by a fisherman from the area.
  • Officials are planning to open more locations to dorm a wider diving park.

Greece has recently opened an underwater museum, much to the delight of both divers and history buffs. The first of its kind in the country, the “Parthenon of shipwrecks” now officially open for those interested to see it upclose.

Located off the coast of Alonissos in west Aegean, the underwater wreck will welcome scuba divers from August 3 to October 2 of this year. Meanwhile, those not capable of diving may instead take a virtual reality tour at the information center.

The “Parthenon of shipwrecks” is now open to the public.

According to a Guardian report, the massive merchant ship sunk way back 425 BC due to extreme weather.

The vessel contained thousands of wine amphorae and the amazing site was eventually discovered by a local fisherman in 1985.

Now divers can get a closer look at the impressive archeological find for themselves.

Meanwhile, in an interview with Skai TV, Alonissos Municipal Council President Marilou Agalou shared:

“This wreck lies at 21-28 metres depth near the shores of the Peristera islet and contains 3,000 to 4,000 amphorae.”

Would you take a dive and explore this unique underwater museum?

Thesally Governor Kostas Agorastos said about the underwater museum’s opening:

“Alonissos, Thessaly and Greece present to humanity the ‘Parthenon of underwater museum.”

The governor further went on, adding the place is truly worth checking out since it is “the planet’s oldest shipwreck that can be dived through by humans.”

Watch this video to learn more:

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In the near future, four additional shipwrecks of its kind may also be opened by officials to expand the diving park and attract more divers in the area.

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