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These Daredevil Divers Swam With White Sharks And Caught It On Video

Awesome footage. I stopped breathing every few seconds,


Extreme athletes, Roberta Mancino and Mark Healey made a short documentary featuring their love for the ocean, and their fascinating abilities to explore the depths of the ocean by staying in the water for too long. If holding their breaths for five minutes is not mesmerizing enough, watch how these marine life enthusiasts swim in the company of tiger sharks, as if it is the most normal thing to do.

The footage was taken using a Go Pro, which was able to capture the unbelievable beauty of the under water world.

Watch the video:

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This is Probably The WORST Wedding Disaster Of All Time. What Was He Thinking?

She was having her perfect dream wedding, until this clumsy guy ruined everything! OMG…

The wedding is supposed to be the most beautiful day of a couple’s life. Not only is this the day that they will take their vows to honor and cherish each other for eternity, this is also THE day that months of preparation will finally culminate into a lovely union filled with pretty dresses and gorgeous flowers. This is THE day that the bride is supposed to be at her loveliest, fully made up and wearing the dress of her dreams.

So really, a couple will do whatever it takes to make sure that the wedding will go as smoothly as planned, without the smallest of hitches. But as we all know, the universe has a way of kicking our asses big time, especially when we least expect it. And when that ass-kicking happens during a much-awaited wedding ceremony, well, it can be disastrous and hysterical at the same time.

See, the wedding here was going pretty well during the first couple of minutes…until the priest called the best man to hand over the rings. I’m not gonna spoil this for you, so watch what happens.

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A Kitten Was in The Brink of Falling Off a Hill. What the Mom Cat Did Will Leave You in AWE!

Moms will do anything for their little ones.

It is a given that all moms (well, most) would save her child from any danger no matter what. Little did I know that this also goes for mommy animals like the one in the video below.

In the footage, a mommy cat looked all anxious yet eager to save her kitten who is hanging near the edge of a hill. If we could only hear the mom talked, we would probably hear the words like, "Come on baby, grab my hand, you can do it!" However, the little kitten was a bit too clumsy that he fell off farther down.

WARNING: This will make you want to find your mom and hug her ASAP.

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This Family Was Having A Perfect Holiday, Then This Creature Hopped in Their Kayak

An adorable seal lion pup hopped aboard a family’s kayaking.


Rodney Gist was just paddling a kayak with his two kids near Sterns Wharf off the coast of Santa Barbara in California on Valentine’s day when got the biggest surprise of his life. An unexpected visitor, a sea lion suddenly hitched a ride with them.

Initially, Gist felt that the sea lion was pushing the kayak. Eventually, the curious creature hopped on their ride to enjoy a few moments of rest and some loving from his human friends.

Describing the experience as “absolutely incredible”, Gist told KTLA: “I could tell he was kind of playful like a dog.

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