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Man Awakens After 12 Years in Coma, Reveals He Heard His Mom Tell Him: “I Hope You Die”

Ten years of being a ‘vegetable’ did not stop a man from being in the loop.

Being in the ‘vegetable’ state almost always equate to hopelessness, because more often than not, people under this state are going to eventually die even after going through extensive medical treatments and procedures.

It is a sad story for everybody, particularly to the sick person – imagine being alive, but not really? It must be really frustrating! But we wonder what really happens to the cognitive state of a person when he/ she goes into coma? We know of the physical state, but what about the mind?

Generally, a person in coma just sleeps all the time – no talking, no moving, no nothing. That’s what we thought, at least until now. Martin Pistorius, a 24-year old man claims that even though he was in coma for 12 years, he isn’t completely out of the loop. He was then 12 years old when his body deteriorated, and went into a state of coma. The doctors tested and treated him for several medical diagnoses but they just couldn’t decipher what exactly has gotten Martin into that situation. After a year, the doctors confessed that they have ran out of options, and suggested that the family bring him to a permanent care institution.

Surprisingly, Martin admitted that he had stayed conscious all through out. He said he had witnessed history unfold through television, such as Princess Dianna’s death and Mandela’s presidency, among many others. He overheard conversations, his caretakers’ comments, and all sorts of words that sometimes made him feel negative.

Ten years later, he’s fully recovered and happily married! Good thing everything turned out positive and happy.

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Romantic Video Shows Pilot’s Mid-Flight Proposal to a Flight Attendant

Pilot proposes to a flight attendant during an Alaska Airlines flight.


Marriage proposals are everywhere, from the grandest, most romantic, simplest and the sweetest. Men surely know how to get their woman say these magic words--'Yes, I'll marry you' and they never seem to run out of ways too. This 'groom to be' even made his proposal more memorable for the 'bride to be' and everyone aboard.

The pilot made the sweetest twist during an Alaska Airlines flight when he declared his love for the flight attendant Brandy and proposed instead of announcing the arrival gate. Passengers were also very cooperative, applauding and cheering for the couple as Brandy walked towards her future husband and the two shared a kiss.

After all, it's not everyday that you witness something as romantic as this, a love that started 34,000 feet just as how the pilot described it. Definitely a flight to remember and a love story worth sharing.

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Badass Seniors Still Rockin’ Their Tattoos at Age 70

Check out these badass seniors and their equally badass tattoos!


Do you worry how your tattoo will look like several years from now? You’re not the only one dealing with that dilemma.

For many people who are reluctant to have tattoo, their main concern is how the body art will appear once their wrinkles and folds start to appear.

While many still view tattoos as taboo since the art has been associated with prisoners, the tattoo culture is becoming more accepted into mainstream culture. Celebrities, art enthusiasts, and even professionals choose to get inked nowadays for a variety of reasons.

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To Make Their Daughter Feel Special, Parents Got Tattoos Similar To Their Daughter’s Birthmark

They wanted their daughter to feel proud and not embarrassed by her birthmark.


For her 40th birthday, mother Tanya Phillips  did something unusual. Instead of spending her big day on luxury dinner or a special trip, she underwent a full leg tattooing of a big birthmark. Needless to say, the four-hour procedure was painful.

While many find Tanya’s choice of birthday celebration as quite strange, it was a very special choice for her. The unusual tattoo design was actually patterned on her daughter Honey-Rae’s strawberry-rose birthmark, which covers almost half of the right side of her body.


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