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Germany Will Soon Start Fining Parents If They Refuse To Vaccinate Their Kids

The measles epidemic has gotten so bad, Germany found it necessary to take this step.


With the rising number of measles cases in the country, Germany is showing everyone how serious they are in combating the potentially fatal disease. In fact, the government has said that parents who fail or refuse to have their children vaccinated could face fines amounting up to $2,800.

In a BBC article, we learn that Health Minister Hermann Gröhe pointed out that this move was necessary “to tighten the law because of a measles epidemic.” Recently, a mother of three died because of measles.

So yes, it has come to a point where the government wants kindergartens to report parents who do not want their kids vaccinated.

With the rise of measles cases, Germany has deemed it necessary to fine parents if they refuse vaccination for their children.

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As Gröhe told Bild, a local daily:

“Continuing deaths from measles cannot leave anyone indifferent.”

In addition to being fined, parents who fail to seek vaccination – or at least prove that their children are exempted from it due to medical reasons – could possibly be expelled from their daycare center.

This initiative is likewise facing some criticism as Bundesrat, the upper house of the German parliament, said that requiring kindergartens to report parents could be considered a breach of data protection laws.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization websitee said that measles vaccine have saved about 1.7 lives since 2000. However, defeating the disease has taken a downward trend as several outbreaks in the United States were allegedly caused by unvaccinated children.

Lately, Germany has also been seeing an alarming increase in measles cases. A Robert Koch Institute report tells us that by mid-April of 2017, Germany already has a staggering 410 cases of measles as compared with the 325 for the entire 2016.

Vaccination has particularly become a controversial topic among parents and medical experts in recent years.

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Some believe that it is important for saving children from potentially life-threatening diseases while others claim it causes autism.


Police in India Finds Toddler Drinking Milk from His Dead Mother

This is just heartbreaking.

In Damoh district in Madhya Pradesh, India, police received reports of a woman’s dead body lying near the railway track. A dead body is disturbing enough, but what made it even more sickening is the presence of a toddler near the body. It was said to be trying to drink milk from his dead mother’s breast!

When the police arrived at the scene, they were greeted by a truly heartbreaking sight.

Source: From D

A crowd was gathered around the dead woman and there on the ground with her was a 17-month old boy desperately sucking his mother’s teat.

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Bully Caught on Video Making Fun of and Punching a Man with Cerebral Palsy

This is just sick.

Bullies are some of the worst people to ever walk the planet. It’s sickening to imagine that there are people who enjoy inflicting fear on others. It chills the heart knowing that there are people who get off torturing others, physically or verbally. Bullies who verbally mock and abuse people are bad enough, bullies who actually hurt people, especially to those who are physically disabled, is another level of evil. This man who punched a man with cerebral palsy is a prime example and he should be locked up and the key thrown out.

The whole incident, which happened in West Chester, Pennsylvania, was fortunately caught on surveillance videos. The footage shows 29-year old Barry Baker mocking the 22-year old victim, who is suffering from cerebral palsy. Barry was standing outside a 7-11 store when the victim’s car pulled up. The victim hopped out of the car and walked inside the store. Baker even held the door for him.

When the victim came out, Baker followed him and imitated the way he walked - and then punched his face.

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Imported ‘Fake Chicken’ With Rubber Plastic Skin Shocks Netizens

The chicken’s skin was like rubber plastic and burns quite bizarrely.

We often read about countless counterfeit products being manufactured by swindlers who do not care a single bit about the welfare of consumers. Although we do our best to be conscious when buying food products, we always end up finding news about another counterfeit or tainted item.

Such is the case of two viral videos posted on Facebook by Seri Yv. The first video shows a raw chicken with its skin being stretched. Unlike the usual chicken, its skin did not tear or break but rather extended like a rubbery plastic substance.

The 'fake' raw chicken's skin can be stretched like a rubber plastic.

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