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30 Funny Parents Who Trolled Their Kids on Facebook





If you’re planning on doing some bragging online, here’s a warning for you – make sure that you aren’t Facebook friends with your parents. Or at least, do some magic on the settings so that they don’t see your posts.

Why, you ask? Well, the answer is obvious. Just take a look at the following screenshots below and you will easily realize the dire consequences of being careless. These merciless parents trolled, burned, and embarrassed their kids in front of everyone by dishing out some nasty quips. They definitely got us laughing really hard!

Go scroll down and take a look.

#1. Starting over and creating something better…

#2. Your dad just won the internet.

#3. Like women, you say?

#4. Daddy of the year.

#5. Apparently, he’s not thug enough.

#6. The last boob you touched.

#7. These parents are recreating Facebook selfies of their daughter and her boyfriend.

#8. Taylor Swift and her catchy songs.

#9. The thug life chose who?

#10. Use a toilet paper please.

#11. Learning by staring.

#12. Clearly, mom isn’t impressed.

#13. Some well-deserved karma.

#14. Me and my dad.

#15. She found it, too!

#16. He’s going to bed – but not in the way he wants to.

#17. Time for some Friday night fun? I guess not.

#18. Boom!

#19. Breastfeeding in public.

#20. In an open relationship.

#21. That’s what you get for being a douchebag.

#22. Very punny, mom!

#23. Instead of confronting his daughter about her racy selfies, this dad recreated them instead.

#24. 19 years of disappointment.

#25. “It’s called growing up, kiddo.”

#26. This mom delivers a serious burn.

#27. Time to shave the beard.

#28. Now that’s a good question.

#29. I hate how this child is disrespectful.

#30. This is your origin story.

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