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Small Norwegian Village Has to Turn Away Hundreds of Tourists Due to a Google Maps Error

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Traveling is one of life’s greatest joys and luxuries. It allows many of us to discover unfamiliar places, gain memorable experiences, hear compelling stories, and even make new friends. But of course, traveling doesn’t come without its challenges. Sometimes, in order for us to marvel at a beautiful sight or to learn of a different culture, we have to go through some rough roads and some setbacks.

This is one unfortunate thing that many visitors to Norway learn the hard way every year. Yearly, especially during the summer season, hundreds of tourists wanting to visit the famous Preikestolen cliff are led to a small Norwegian village called Fossmork instead, no thanks to a Google Maps error.

Unsuspecting tourists are led to the wrong destination because of a Google Maps error.

Source: @SnapEscapeX

The terrible error has inconvenienced both the travelers and the locals. Eager tourists had to navigate narrow and winding roads just to find out that they were actually about 20 miles away from their desired destination. The villagers, on the other hand, have had to turn away around 10 to 15 cars a day during the busy summer season – a sure disruption of their everyday activities.

The tourists are brought to the village of Fossmork instead of the famous Preikestolen cliff.

Source: Aconcagua

From the village of Fossmork, tourists can actually see the famous Preikestolen cliff, a majestic and picturesque tourist attraction in Norway, with the elated and successful visitors on top of it. To reach the cliff, the lost travelers must go back the way they came in and navigate the same difficult roads.

The villagers have to turn away 10 to 15 cars a day during the summer.

Source: Google Maps

Google Norway told the Norwegian publication Aftenposten:

“We are constantly working to improve Google Maps, and encourage people to report any problems they find, so that we can make sure we resolve the issue as soon as possible.”

The tourists have to go back the same way to reach the cliff, meaning they have to navigate narrow and winding roads.

Technology betraying you like that must really suck, but to look at the bright side – we’re pretty sure the village of Fossmork is lovely and that the setback can make for a pretty unforgettable vacation for the travelers.

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