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Foreign Tourists Get Beaten in India After They Tried To Push A Cow

This is really disturbing!


A recent video from India, however, has been catching everyone’s attention and has been raising people’s eyebrows. Shared on Facebook by Pakistan Affairs, the footage shows us a bunch of foreign tourists being attacked in an Indian beach after they attempted to push a cow.

The page captioned the video this way:

“Shining India. Foreign tourists being beaten by Hindu extremist mob in Goa, after they tried to push away a cow.”

Locals in India assaulted several foreign tourists after they tried to push a cow away.

It’s really absurd and quite disturbing, to say the least, as we can see the tourists being physically harassed by the locals.

You can watch the video here:

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So far, the identities of the foreign tourists and the said “Hindu extremists” are left undisclosed. We are also left guessing whether the incident has been reported to the authorities.

The video has since made rounds on the web and many have reacted negatively to it.

Several netizens angrily commented:

“Hindus can’t look after their women but they are more bothered about their cows full of b******* cast.”

Seems like cows are more important than humans. What a f**ked up country.

“Don’t travel to this crazy place India, no more business for India. You keep your cows, I will keep my business out of India.”

Well what do you think about this, folks? Did the foreign tourists disrespect their beliefs or did the locals take it too far with them? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.


Couple Turns To The Internet For Perfect Engagement Photo, And The Results Are Hilarious

The trolls strike again!

It’s easy to have a perfect photo these days. All it takes is a photo-editing software and a professional who can manipulate the photo and turn it into an image that you’ve always wanted. But getting professional work done is sometimes too expensive that some people would rather turn to the Internet for help.

By now, many people know that when asking for Photoshop help online, the results are always hilarious and cruel at the same time. You would easily think that people would refrain from asking free online photo editors but somehow, there are still those who like to ask for favors without paying anything in return.

A couple asked to have a shirtless man Photoshopped out of their favorite engagement photo.

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Kurdish Woman Sniper Almost Gets Hit By ISIS Bullet, Laughs About It

This woman escapes death by just a few inches and laughs about it.

Amid the war and violence going on in Syria, many individuals are risking their lives to fight the ISIS, an extremist militant group. In a viral video circulating on the internet, a female Kurdish sniper has been filmed laughing and sticking her tongue out after a bullet missed her head by inches.

The woman, a YPJ sniper, who is from an all-female wing of the Kurdish YPG (People's Protection Unit), has been aiming for her target when a bullet came dangerously close to her head.

She was aiming at her opponent, then...

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Programmer Hilariously Burns ‘Client’ Who Asked Him To Work 40 Hours for Free

Would you build an app for exposure? Geez!

It’s actually baffling - and obviously rage-inducing - how some people just seem to think that they can bug professionals to do free work for them. These so-called clients try to offer such a deal in a sweet way by saying that the said project would give them ‘exposure’.

Artists often get odd requests like these. Just ask illustrators, graphic artists, and the likes and, boy, they’d quickly share several horror stories either from their own experiences or from their peers.

Apparently, some of these scammers are even trying to sweet talk programmers now.

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