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FBI Raids Filipino Pastor’s Church in Los Angeles for Human Trafficking

  • The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has raided the Kingdom of Jesus Christ in Los Angeles after receiving complaints about human trafficking.
  • The complainants, who were members of the said church, said that they are being forced to solicit donations to fund founder Apollo C. Quiboloy’s lifestyle.
  • Three church leaders have been arrested by the authorities as a result of the raid.

Three leaders from the Kingdom of Jesus Christ: The Name Above Every Name has been arrested after the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) conducted a raid in Los Angeles. The church, led by Filipino pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy, is being investigated for human trafficking.

In Van Nuys, church officers Guia Cabactulan and Marissa Duenas were taken into federal custody for allegedly faking immigration papers while agents also arrested Amanda Estopare in Virginia for handling the church’s fundraising schemes.

In a media interview, Laura Eimiller, spokesperson of FBI, shared:

“We believe they are, in some cases, taking passports away from individuals that are coming into United States from the Philippines.”

According to FBI, they have received reports from members who escaped the church that they have been scattered across the country to solicit money for the church. They also added that they were subjected to physical and psychological torture whenever they failed to meet their collection targets.

Although they were initially told that the funds raised will be poor Filipino children, the complainants, whose identities remain undisclosed, claim that majority of the money were utilized for church operations and to sustain Quiboloy’s lavish lifestyle.

Investigations eventually revealed that about $20 million were sent from the US to the Philippines from 2015 until mid 2019.

Watch the video report here:

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This, of course, isn’t the first time that Quiboloy has been involved in a controversy.

It can be remembered that in October of last year, the self-declared “Appointed Son of God” said he commanded an earthquake in the Philippines to stop – and so it did. The leader of the mega-church also claimed he is the “New Owner of the World.”

Check out this documentary about Pastor Apollo Quiboloy, his church, and his wealth:

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